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Sep 15, 2006 04:22 PM

Tapioca Express - any good?

Hard to believe, but I've never tried any of the drinks here. Are they any good? What are the best things to order ... the things to avoid?

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  1. It's very, very, VERY sugary and doesn't taste much like tea at all.

    1. tap express is a guilty pleasure.

      i like the passion fruit snow bubble with coconut jelly and the thai milk tea with tapioca pearls. yes, they are sweet, no they don't taste much like tea, but imho they are not supposed to. the snow bubbles tend to be less sweet. i think strawberry is gross; it's made with strawberry powder.

      they also do a 'popcorn' type chicken where you can specify how spicy, and then you eat it with a skewer out of a little paper bag. hot, spicy, and a bit greasy...mmm! i'd eat that over a fast food chain any day.

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        i know this is an old post... but i had to i just had to... yesterday i went to get an almond milk tea over at tap ex.. and it was tasty... BUT i ordered the mild seasoning with the fries.. and BOY were they spicy! and i usually eat spicy food...

        what are good snacks to order there besides the popcorn chicken? i'll have to try that next time... is the mild just as spicy as the mild fries were?!?!? how does the chicken taste without any spices? 'cause if the spices are what makes it good, then i may have to rethink that... i was also going to get the potstickers, but decided to get the fries... i really wanted to return the fries and get them without spices anymore, but i resigned... and decided to make a mental note and a CH post....

        i also like the food at quickly... and i might even prefer quickly over tap ex.. but maybe i don't know what to order... although, i must say, for a place named quickly, you would think they they would be pretty quick... unfortunately, i have yet to run into a quick quickly.... i like their corn fritters.. i know it sounds may sound yucky to some, but i remember those from back in the day...

      2. I find their teas (Non-sweetended) are VERY nice. I am not a big boba fan though! :)


        1. I used to work in one of the TapEx franchises --- I agree the crispy chicken are a must-have! item (but boy do your hands get garlicky when working with those suckers)

          And yea, working there for a year and a half pretty much weaned me off almost all boba drinks....

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          1. re: AquaW

            I also agree that the crispy chicken are to die for!!
            AquaW do you know what they use to make it when you worked there? I tried to imitate it at home but no luck. I think it might be the type of flour I'm using. Do you know what kind they use and what seasonings? Thanks!!

            1. re: corisu23

              The chicken is called Yan Su Ji in its original Taiwanese form. The secret ingredient is: potato starch. That is what makes it so extra crispy.


              1. re: tanspace

                I used to be the manager at two different locations. One in Alhambra and one in San Gabriel. I really think that their drinks are watevers. Some of the special snow bubbles are good like matcha, avocado, and the coffee ones. The crispy chicken however you can never get sick of. Those things are the best. Our place was a little different in where we server Korean food also since the owners were Korean.

                1. re: contagiousmindz

                  Hey i used to live in San Jose and really enjoyed the spicy chicken. Now am in Atlanta 8-( with no Tapioca express. Is this something I can make at home. Have tried to find a recipe for Yan Su Ji but no luck.