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Sep 15, 2006 04:21 PM


Any recommendations on where to get a nice 5-6 lb brisket in South Brooklyn without spending a fortune?

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  1. The meat prices at Eagle Provisions are lower than most supermarkets.

    I've never understood why brisket is usually so expensive. It requires tons of time to cook and is certainly not a high end cut like filet mignon. Normally supermarkets offer attractive deals on it ($1.99 a pound) around the Jewish holidays. You may want to wait until October.

    1. I have gotten excellent first cut brisket at STAUBITZ on Court Street. In a whole different category from the Supermarket stuff which lies around for a long time, and may not be good quality.

      FAIRWAY in Red Hook has an excellent butcher. The quality is good and the prices are a bit lower than STAUBITZ on some things.

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        The OP said "without spending a fortune." Staubitz is great but expensive.

      2. I agree about Eagle, but what are you buying at Terrace except bagels? United? I think they have thier thumb on the scale and the owners are less than welcoming(except for the bottle of Sambucca that they put out during the holidays).

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          I disagree about United. I'm a huge fan. They're always really nice there and I find them really reasonable (canned stuff is cheaper than the same brands at the delis nearby). I never feel ripped off by them their meats are high quality.

        2. Thanks for your input. I am going to check out Stew Leonard's today as I have to be in Westchester anyway, so I will report back on their prices. If they are outrageous, I will most likely try one of the above.

          I have never gotten meat at Eagle. Are you happy with the quality?

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            The quality at Eagle is st least as good as regular supermarket and most of thetime, better. It's especially good for beef and pork roasts.

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              I got the brisket at Stew Leonards. 3.49 a lb and it looks really nice, I got an almost 6 lb. brisket so I sure hope its good! But a brisket that size (and kosher, which we aren't but thought was apropos for Rosh Hashanah) it was about 20.00 which was very reasonable. That aside, I am not sure I would go back to Stew Leonard's. Such a strange high traffic place. But the meat selection was excellent. Now I am going to go to Eagle and look for a real stew chicken for my chicken soup.

              1. re: chowkitty

                they sell necks, backs and chicken feet (great for color and body in broth as well as fun for freaking out kitchen visitors) as well as a range of other chicken products - and capons. Have fun shopping - also packs of veg for broth - carrot, parsley root, leek etc all packaged up and convenient - may be with the meat or over with the vegetables.

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                  oh great i love the feet. any other recommendations? maybe they sell gizzards separately! there is this jewish italian recipe i have found that calls for gizzards and i have only been able to find chicken livers...

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                    they sell the gizzards and hearts. Look around - and ask John, the owner or any of the butchers if there is something you want that you dont see on display.

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                      Thanks for the tip. It worked out great! Got the necks, backs and feet and my soup is wonderful. I will go there more often...