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Bronte still in business?

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Hello, is this restaurant still as good as it used to be? What is the price range there? I've just heard good reviews but heard nothing about the pices.

Thank you

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  1. THis place does sound familiar...must've read a review a while back in Saturday's Gazette. If I recall it's Italian food right? They usually list price ranges when they review a place. Whre exactly is this place?

    1. Hey there,

      The resto is still open, though I couldn't tell you for how much longer. It's absolutely whenever I walk by (about twice a week!), with the waitstaff sitting around chatting. However, the reviews I've read have been consistently good - and they should be, since you'll probably be the only one in the place!

      1. Depressing. I hope this is not true. I was in Bronte in February on a Wednesday and it was about 2/3rds full. It was a really excellent meal carefully blending French, Asian and Italian influences. Friends who have been since have also given raves. Joe Mercuri is one of Montreal's most talented young chefs and it would be a shame to see a restaurant like Bronte fail.

        1. Bronte is alive and doing quite well.Most restaurants slow down in this part of the city during July -August.As far as I know it is even better than before and if you haven't tried it out-you should.

          1. Great to hear. Bronte, along with Anise, gives Montrealers an opportunity that doesn't exist in a lot of places; the opportunity to watch a young chef evolve and improve in their own restaurant. Living in Toronto, this is a rare thing, especially in a fine dining restaurant.

            1. Apparently Bronte doesn't make their own bread anymore. Which is too bad. How many Montreal restaurants make their own bread? I don't know too many, if any.

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                  Not sure. I might of been told it(if that's the case, I can't remember what I was told).

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                  >>How many Montreal restaurants make their own bread? I don't know too many, if any.<<

                  Well, Anise does. Exquisitely, I might add.

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                    What kind of bread do they make?

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                      Pitas coated with black sesame, cardamom rolls, fig and anise bread, lavash, focaccia and more. The bread basket at Anise is simply wonderful.

                3. After reading about Anise making their own bread, I wonder if Moises steakhouse makes their own bread. My one time eating at Moises(must be around 7-8 years ago), I was given a complimentary bread basket at the beginning of my meal(as every customer gets one). Mostly Jewish type breads. Do they make their own bread(my guess is no)?