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Sep 15, 2006 04:09 PM

Chip Nuts

When I was in NOTL I stumbled across "chip nuts" in some roadside veggie stand. Chips nuts are peanuts coated with potato chips and come in different flavours. Does anyone know where I could find these addictive little nuggets in Toronto? I am just north of downtown but I have a vehicle and am willing to travel....but not too back to NOTL.

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  1. If I'm in the mood for them, I usually get chip nuts at Picard's in St. Jacobs (Hwy 85 and Waterloo Rd 17 - they have several other locations stretching from St. Thomas to Simcoe). Many samples, in a variety of flavours and package sizes.

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      there is a picards jsut before you get into downtown Niagara on the lake as well, for anyone in that direction. They used to have a website too, where you could order all their stuff, i always ordered a bunch of flavors of their peanuts, but its seems to be gone now...too bad!

    2. I used to buy these at gas station cash counters around the city before I stopped eating peanuts. Try an Esso station.

      1. I once found chip nuts at Bulk Barn and bought a massive bag because they are so tasty. This was over a year ago...I've looked for the chip nuts recently but couldn't find them there anymore...perhaps they stopped carrying them at certain locations but worth a try!

        1. There's an variety called Koh-Kee Nuts that you can buy in Asian supermarkets in the city. They have at least the coconut flavour in Canada, but I've also seen coffee flavour. They come in a yellow can and are delicious!

          1. The only decent ones I have been able to find were in London, ON. But they were Picard's Peanuts as well. Let me know if you find them locally.


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              I found them in walmart in wasaga beach in the bulk stuff!