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Chip Nuts

When I was in NOTL I stumbled across "chip nuts" in some roadside veggie stand. Chips nuts are peanuts coated with potato chips and come in different flavours. Does anyone know where I could find these addictive little nuggets in Toronto? I am just north of downtown but I have a vehicle and am willing to travel....but not too far.....like back to NOTL.

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  1. If I'm in the mood for them, I usually get chip nuts at Picard's in St. Jacobs (Hwy 85 and Waterloo Rd 17 - they have several other locations stretching from St. Thomas to Simcoe). Many samples, in a variety of flavours and package sizes.

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      there is a picards jsut before you get into downtown Niagara on the lake as well, for anyone in that direction. They used to have a website too, where you could order all their stuff, i always ordered a bunch of flavors of their peanuts, but its seems to be gone now...too bad!

    2. I used to buy these at gas station cash counters around the city before I stopped eating peanuts. Try an Esso station.

      1. I once found chip nuts at Bulk Barn and bought a massive bag because they are so tasty. This was over a year ago...I've looked for the chip nuts recently but couldn't find them there anymore...perhaps they stopped carrying them at certain locations but worth a try!

        1. There's an variety called Koh-Kee Nuts that you can buy in Asian supermarkets in the city. They have at least the coconut flavour in Canada, but I've also seen coffee flavour. They come in a yellow can and are delicious!

          1. The only decent ones I have been able to find were in London, ON. But they were Picard's Peanuts as well. Let me know if you find them locally.


            1. You can buy Picard's chip nuts in the north market at St. Lawrence.

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                Thank you all for your replies. I am going to keep my eyes open at the local Bulk Barn. Tracey, are you sure Picards are sold in the North Market? There are a few bulk foods stores in the South Market that I will check out....I cringe at the thought of going to the St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday. I am usually there Tuesday mornings when it's just me and all the employees!!

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                  Yes, there is a guy towards the north end of the north market who sells Picard's chip nuts. It's not a very visible display, he just has plastic jugs of the chip nuts out on a table for people to sample, and several flavours for sale. I distinctly remember him because he so kindly offered to stop by Picard's one week and pick me up a container of their fresh-ground peanut butter! If he doesn't have exactly what you're looking for, I think he might take orders for other Picard's products from week to week.

              2. They are opening a Picard's peanuts store on Hwy 5 (Dundas street) just outside of Waterdown and Burlington. Looks like it should be opening anytime now.

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                  Wow, really! Thats great news, I love their shops, but they are quite far away (St. Jacobs and Niagara Falls) since my parents live in Burlignton (and I in Toronto) I foresee that I will be stopping in there often!

                2. You're inluck, Picard's opened in Waterdown before Christmas. I know because I've gained 10 lbs already. Their Large Virginia nuts are to die for. ciao