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Bethesda with a client....

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For a weeknight dinner with an important and probably food-savvy client, looking for a resto anywhere between downtown Bethesda and Rockville around White Flint (no further north).

Cost not an issue, but *low noise level* definitely is.

I'd appreciate hearing any suggestions. I'd also appreciate any recent experiences with food (or noise level) at Jaleo, Rock Creek.

(Persimmon, alas, is booked at the time we want. The reopened Blacks sounds very promising but is apparently too loud.) Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Cesco? I haven't been there recently, but they've always been good in the past. I love Jaleo in Bethesda, but I remember them being louder than you might want.

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      Cesco ain't quiet.

      What about Passage to India?

    2. Tragara is a good choice. Very "expense account" feel. Dinner can be okay. Order cold seafood salad, agnoletti (sp?), fish special, and osso buco. Over priced, but perfect for closing a deal.

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        I have to disagree with Tragara. I think it's gone downhill in the past few years.

      2. David Craig is what you are looking for. Really. Stop looking.


        1. I agree with David Craig. Very quiet, excellent food. Look no further. Cost: around 150-200 for two with all the works, but worth every penny.

          1. Great suggestions. Will try David Craig (and keep Cesco and Passage to India in mind for later). Many thanks, all.

            1. Add another 'hound for David Craig. DC has a good number of Tabard Inn alumni and the polish shows.

              QUESTION: Do you think Gee should specifically book a booth in the front room or a table along a wall in the back room? Just wondering if there's an optimal table location for a dinner like this.