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Sep 15, 2006 04:00 PM

North End Butchers

Those of you who love to cook as often as you eat out, like me, may have been following the new "Chowhounds Cook Together" on the Homecooking board. As a result, I've decided it's about time to acquaint myself with a good butcher in the North End. I'm looking for a place to buy specialty cuts (this month's book is Hazan's "Essentials of Classic Cooking"), and with Braising next month, a great place to buy veal breast, shoulder roasts, shanks, etc. I love the sausages at D&R Meat Market on Salem Street, though I've never bought anything else there. 9Lives mentions Sulmona a lot so that will be the first place I'll try. I was just curious if you had a favorite, and what you usually order and buy. Thanks!

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  1. Sulmona, hands down, far and away the best butcher in the North End and one of the best in Boston.

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    1. re: StriperGuy

      agreed. sulmona is a great butcher shop and i wish i were able to get down there more often.

    2. i havn't had much luck in the north end. they seem to sell mostly pricey cuts of pricey animals. For example, I can't find any offal there. and poultry? who eats birds? mostly lamb, beaf and veal, and only the actual meat. but if you find something, please, tell me! I'd like to get different cuts in more raw state than you'd ussually find, too. Ordinarily you find things already broken down and portioned....

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        I suggest that you revisit Sulmona. They often bring in entire lamb or veal be butchered. I've bought veal sweetbreads there. If you don't see it,ask.

        Abbruzese is also a fine shop. I think they each have their loyal fans...with some crossover. I'll go to Abbruzese if Sulmona is out of veal shanks and I want to make osso bucco. Good tip on the quail.

      2. I agree with the Sulmona posters, but must also add that the Abruzzese Market at 94 Salem (the chef at Sage's dad) has very good hand-made Italian sausages, and at the right time of year - very soon - four-packs of semi-deboned quail for $12 (comparison: over $20 for the exact same package at Savenors).

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          I've never cooked quail, this will be a great opportunity - could you keep me posted when they're available? Thanks for the heads-up!

          1. re: Rubee

            Absolutely! I'll make a post as soon as I buy them there. They're REALLY easy to cook, especially on the grill (and especially the semi-deboned ones that lie flat). I cook 'em up at my Patriot tailgates.

            1. re: Bostonbob3

              Great I'll bookmark this thread so I'll be sure to see when Abruzzese has them. Any favorite sausages, or any other specific item you'd recommend?

              1. re: Rubee

                The only things I've ever purchased there are his Italian sausages and the quail. For actual "cuts of meat," I go to Savenors or to Sulmona.

        2. Another nod for Sulmona, I'd go there often when I lived in the NE. If I requested something he didn't have it, he would get it in for me. Also they freshly grind the beef for you if you are looking for hamburger.

          1. for quail, the key is to cook them quick. I wouldn't recoment actually roasting them in fact. I sear them in a skillet, breast side down, flip, glaze if i want, and finish in the oven. or you could use a really hot(500 or so) oven, but even then, they don't always brown...