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Sep 15, 2006 03:51 PM

Nashville Venue for 40th Birthday Party

Ok...I'm two weeks out and I still haven't found a venue for my 40th birthday party in Nashville. I did have a great place reserved for 10 months, but got a call this week saying that they have to bump me now for another event (sucks, but I understand...I know the event planner and why they have to do me wrong).

So now, we're having a difficult time finding a place that's "me" and not expensive. There are currently 388 on the guest list, but I doubt even half will come. It's a come when you can thing...but will feature a few folks sharing some songs, stories, and light fare. Any suggestions? THANKS!

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  1. What is your budget? Might be best to find a space and have the food catered. I highly recommend silver palate catering, they did our wedding and it was wonderful.

    with two weeks notice, your best bet to try to find something on an off night -say a thursday. City Hall and Travellers' Rest are nice places

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      Yea...I already have a chef/caterer on hold (he was going to work the original venue)...but even finding a space has been tough.

      Call me stubborn, but I really want to have it on my actual birthday. Thanks for your suggestions...I've just contacted City Hall.

    2. I think we found a place. Thanks!