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Sep 15, 2006 03:47 PM

Alameda Redux- Any food experiences worth having?

The last post on Alameda was 4 years ago, and I understand from friends moving into the area that thimes they are a' changin' on "the island." Since we'll be on that side of the bay, I am trying to convince my trooper of a dining companion to go to the Hangar1 tasting room before we head to San Ramon in the afternoon. I'm thinking I may have better luck if there's a tempting nearby lunch option in the offing.

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  1. East Ocean (dim sum)
    Oatez (Mexican)

    1. Uh, there are posts on Alameda much more frequently than that. Try clicking on "date" on the view by setting on the results the search engine coughs up and you'll see the most current.

      Here's Alameda+lunch -

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        Assuming you mean on the weekend ....

        East Ocean or Chef's Wok for dim sum -- both are on Webster, close to the entrance to Alameda Point (where Hangar 1 is located).

        I've had good luck at Otaez (also on Webster), but other reports have been mixed. Their weekend specials (the carnitas and the pozole) have been excellent, in my experience.

        If you want to venture into Central Alameda, Pappo on Central at Park St. has very nice Cal-Cuisine brunch offerings. In particular, anything that comes out of the oven is excellent (their brunch chef is their pastry chef, who until recently had a bakery in town).

        If you do make it over to Park St., stop in at Alameda Marketplace on your way out of town and pick up some cheese at Farmstead Cheeses and Wines, and check out the other purveyors.

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          I have to say we were a bit underwhelmed by the dim sum at Chef's Wok last Sunday -- liked East Ocean better a few weeks ago. There was nothing out of the ordinary being offered, and the old familiar items were nothing special. But the space is nice, and the wait-staff very smiling and helpful (one waitress who spoke barely any English picked up a menu and pointed out the item we were asking about -- nice). We'll give it another chance.

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            Have you ever try Ce'ra una Volta an Italian Enoteca with a wonderful variety of the Italian motherland Flavors and Aromas, the Fabulous wine list everything seems done with a touch of sophistication without leaving the feeling of a family table,
            I recomended it. but try it and later let us know how was it.
            is in the redwood square between Encinal & Central but you can make a reservation through the Open Table.

            1. re: diego

              I ate there a couple of times when it first opened. I liked the food, and I really liked the wine list (reasonably priced, a lot of wines by the glass, excellent descriptions that really helped someone like me who knows almost nothing about Italian wines choose something I liked). But it's super noisy, and for some reason I haven't been back.

            2. re: Ruth Lafler

              Personally Otaez, did have a wonderful atmosphere specially because when i visited was during the weekend, they need to work in their salsa, but most of the dishes I tried were excellent their flavors remind me of the central part of Mexico.
              Papos has defenitily add a good flavor to the Island of Alameda.
              but have you tried Ce'ra una volta just around the corner from this place is absolutely a most.
              wonderful flavors and aromas from the Italian Boot, Tuscana well complemented with an enormous variety of interesting wines that would match any Italian Restaurant in the Bay.

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                HOW ABOUT THE TRES AGAVES IN san francisco an excellent and a big place devoted to those who love a good tequila.
                what is your favorite Italian Place in the Bay?

              2. Although its culinary offerings will never rate with Alameda's
                dining elitists, but given the fine weather we're having,
                you could probably do worse than Pier 29 in Ballena Bay.
                Sitting on their patio overlooking the harbor on a nice
                sunny afternoon, with a glass of Chardonnay and maybe one
                of their serviceable petrale sole sandwiches and/or a bucket
                of steamers, it's a pleasant,airy, casual Alameda-style nautical experience.

                And by all means heed Ruth's advice and stop by the Alameda Marketplace and check out Farmstead Cheeses and Wines. Jeff,
                the very affable owner, generally hosts wine tastings on
                Saturday afternoons and is always happy to discuss his newest cheese and wine discoveries. And don't miss the house-made sausage selection next door at Baron's Meats.

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                1. re: alameda fats

                  Nice! Thank you both so much for those suggestions. (You, too Robert) and for the link Melanie.

                  I like how the point finding lunch near Hangar1 is to give the substantial amount of booze they give you (reportedly) time to settle, yet every dreamy suggestion involves some kind of wine, wine and patio, wine and cheese. :)

                  1. re: Chowsmurf

                    Gotta taper down that blood alcohol level slooooowly. (g)

                2. Well, you know how we Alamedans are, it's just party, party,

                  A suggestion for a pre-drinkathon buffer: Hangar 40 Restaurant
                  in the Bladium at the Point-

                  It's owned by the folks at C'era Una Volta, one of Alameda's
                  better Italian spots, and they do a relatively decent
                  panini, pizza Margherita and chocolate mousse torte.

                  Have fun!

                  1. I can highly recommend Angela's restaurant in the Marina Village shopping center.It's right by the Alameda tube and very close to Alameda Landing. Don't be fooled because it is in a shopping mall, it's by far the best restaurant in Alameda. I can highly recommend the duck strudel and their lamb dishes are the best.

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                        To R.B.- To what lamb dishes are you referring?

                        1. re: R.B.

                          I'm interested in knowing this as well! It sounds interesting...