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Sep 15, 2006 03:46 PM

Good Butcher in Culver City (or west of there)

Does anyone know of a good butcher where I can pick up pork butts (nice marbly ones) in this area? I am trying to avoid going to Huntington Meats because of traffic...thanks

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  1. You could try Victor's. It's where I go when I want a good steak or to get just as much chicken as I want--you know when you want more than 6 thighs but not as much as the "jumbo value pack". It's a real buthcher's shop and the guys are friendly and helpful. It's not one of the best of the best. Their not that great on weird cuts or boutiquey stuff like grass fed and heirloom poultry but they beat by a mile any of the meat counters at the supers in the area.

    10002 National Blvd. Where Palms, National and Hughes Ave all run into each other next to The Coop Pizza.

    1. I live right by Victors, but honestly have stopped going there. The meat is good, but last time I was there the guy who was cutting the meat was sneezing and wiping nose on apron while cutting the meat.