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Sep 15, 2006 03:38 PM

soy latte in toronto

Where In Toronto uses soy milk as an option in espresso based drinks?

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  1. Second Cup, Starbuck's most always have soy... I can't remember the specific places but many times when I have been at an independent and asked for soy they have it.

    1. Lettieri offers soy milk but they don't seem to charge extra for it like Second Cup and Starbucks.

      1. For brunch options, Saving Grace and Morning Glory use soy milk.

        1. I would say don't get an espresso based coffee at an establishment that doesn't carry soy milk [by now}.

          That would be a great way to judge the care/pride they have in their offerings. It is a common request.

          1. Wow this is great news. I just moved to Toronto from the UK, where soy options are very few and far between.


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              Hey, welcome to Toronto, magicshoes! It's a great chow-city, so browse this board for some great ideas on places to get anything from cheap eats to high-end splurges.