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Sep 15, 2006 03:24 PM

Amazing dinner at Cut last night

We had 6PM reservations and were seated immediately.
Here is what we had(menu prices are now 10% higher than prices in their website)
We shared everything(split in kictchen) They even split our 8 oz $160 Kobe steak and cooked mine medium rare and my wife`s medium well!

Butter Lettuce, Avocado, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Champagne-Herb Vinaigrette $17
Kobe Beef Short Ribs, Indian Spices, Slowly Cooked For Eight Hours $39
True Japanese 100% Wagyu Beef from Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan
Rib Eye Steak $160 For 8 Oz ($40 Each Additional 2 Ounces) (we had the $160 8 oz)
Argentinean Chimichurri Point Reyes Blue Cheese Creamed Spinach with Fried Egg $12
Chocolate Souffle $14
2 martini,1 screwdriver $40
Corkage fee $35(I brought a 2001 Brunello Di Montalcino..$50)
2 coffee $9
Total with tax & tip: $452!!!(and $75 for taxi!!!)
Best dining experience ever!Everything was 100% perfection!!(We had the #1 booth in the place facing the open kitchen)
Just way too expensive!!
Dick Chaney was arriving the hotel as we were waiting for a taxi to leave.

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  1. Wow, sounds great. Thanks for the report. (A perfect choice for those with an expense account!)

    The cocktails may be the most expensive I've seen--must have been "Kobe" vodka (tee hee).

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      My stepmom told me a friend of hers went to Cut with one other person and between the two of them they had 2 glasses of wine and one cocktail and EACH drink was $36 or so. I was incredulous so she called her friend to confirm and it was confirmed. $36 per. At least that was the price on the wine. The two glasses of wine and one cocktail were over $100 total. My stepmom thinks that's expensive enough to keep her and my dad away, but I'm not daunted - although we'll save up for awhile and then watch what we drink.

      1. re: Funwithfood

        2 Chopin vodka martinis($15 each) and 1 Stoli vodka screwdriver($10)...

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            1. The restaurant sounds really lush.

              This is a non-partisan comment, but given the richness of the food described and the number of heart attacks vice-President Cheney has had, my arteries are crying "No!" even as my tongue screams "Yes Please!". Truly, food to die for.

              - Chubbypanda


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