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Sep 15, 2006 02:57 PM

Dim Sum Go Go Review

We had a late supper at Dim Sum Go Go last night.

As other CH's have suggested, I found it very good, and worth a return trip.

They start with a nice spectrum of sauces - crispy soy beans, a salty ginger cucumber relish, and vinegar sauce. Then they bring you the usual tea. We led off with the mango/shrimp rolls which are fried and quite unusual and tasty.

Then we went on to shrimp, duck, snow pea leaf, abbots, and pork steamed dumplings. They were all excellent with kudos to the duck and snow pea ones. Then we had pork in tofu wrappers and some steamed spare ribs. The spare ribs were fatty and not very flavorful, probably the only thing worth passing on. Then we had some heart of bamboo soup.

After all that we then had the excellent conch & cuttlefish casserole which sounds weird but is excellent. Its served in a big claypot over rice noodles. It's a little greasy, but spicy and well flavored. It did not strike me as being particularly Cantonese, but I dont' really know the region's food.

The service was adequate and the dumplings arrived quickly. We brought a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner and were not charged a corkage fee (at least I think). Our price per person was $29, and we left stuffed with a few things to take home too.

I would suggest anyone going there try the cuttlefish casserole, duck dumplings, and snow pea ones too. They take credit cards and are open til 9pm to get in, with a 10:30 pm kitchen closing. Parking is available on the street outside after 7pm, but generally you cannot park over night.

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  1. Casseroles are very Cantonese and they're what I always seem to order at Cantonese restaurants. I've never heard of a conch and cuttlefish casserole. Usualy restaurants offer the same casseroles as everyone else, and it would be nice to try a new one. I'll have to check it out. I havent been to Dim Sum Go Go in years. When I went, I ordered casseroles from the Chinese menu. There weren't any on the English menu.

    1. Good to hear that you had a nice experience at Go go.
      I went to go go a while ago with some friends and was ok with it...I ordered some Abbot's treasure and that was nice, but my friends ordered from the dim sum menu and we thought it was nothing special. I think they didn't like that thick rice noddles with vegetables only had a few scallions on top. However, I've only been there once.
      What I remember most about go go though is the sanitation. Or rather, lack thereof. Maybe it was late, but the place just looked...dirty. I know it's Chinatown. But still, I remember that bathroom. Maybe they cleaned it up?