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Sep 15, 2006 02:30 PM

Raleigh Brunch

Looking for a spot for Sunday AM brunch. I have tix for my daughter (8) any myself for the Lion King Matinee, and am looking for a nice spot for brunch before the 1:00 curtain. So, I'm looking for somewhere inside the Beltline, probably, and if I would need reservations, please note that! This will be my first brunch here in Raleigh, so I don't even know where to begin!

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  1. I would recommend NOFO. It's at Five Points, so well inside the beltine and just a couple of miles from downtown. They have things like Shrimp and Grits and Breakfast Burritos, as well as the basic (although quite nice) fry-up. My 7-year-old loves the Sourdough French Toast with Bacon and Fresh Fruit.

    They have good coffee (very important to me) and fresh OJ. And they take reservations, which is a plus.

    You might be able to sit outside, if it's a nice day. And once you're finished, you can take a look at the cute shop attached. They have fun gifts and things from $1.00 all the way up!

    Good luck! (I can't wait to go to the Lion King myself.)

    By the way, this is my first post! Yay!

    1. Tir Na Nog is very close and has a Sunday brunch. It has more of a buffet or Breakfst/Lunch bar station setting. NOFO is a good choice as well. Cheesecake Factory has good brunch items although it is further away.

      1. enoteca vin, on glenwood ave, does a fantastic brunch.

        1. Humble Pie
          Irregardless Cafe

          Does the Art Museum still serve brunch? Check into that.

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            The art museum still does brunch.. pretty tasty too.

          2. Thanks for all the recommendations! We ended up at Irregardless, and it was pretty good. One fantastic note was the fresh fruit. All of it was ripe and sweet; so often I've gotten hard melon or sour pineapple, but this was all sweet and juicy. Great coffee, I asked, and they have a house blend that is roasted locally by Counter Culture.

            I'm still hoping to hit more of these places, especially Enoteca Vin, but will likely wait to go there for a more grown up brunch...perhaps some morning when the lil' chow spends the night with Grandma...