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Sep 15, 2006 02:22 PM

Best Ramen in West 40s/50s?

I'm sure there is no real consensus on this, but I'm looking for the best ramen experience in the West 40s/50s (I know people like Minca, but I can't make it downtown tonight). What do people like?

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  1. Menchanko-Tei on W 55th St. is great.

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        1. re: Lucia

          I like Men-kui Tei(56th) much better. It's right around corner. Feels less touristy.

        2. re: Peter Cherches

          Yes. Menchanko-Tei. The Hakata is good. So is the kurobuta.

      1. There's a fantastic hole-in-the-wall place on 49th - sorry, don't know the name, but it's on the north side of the street, right near Broadway. Looks like nothing - kind of small, formica-top tables - but the ramen is fantastic. I get miso broth with vegetables.

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        1. re: lvecch

          Do you mean Sapporo: 152 W 49th St | Btwn 6th & 7th Ave?

          1. re: gloriousfood

            Yes, that's it! Thanks! (And apologies to adam: I was slightly off on the cross-street.)

        2. Chikubu, 12E44, is close to the West side. They serve stellar ramen on Fridays.

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          1. re: Maxwell

            Do they only serve ramen on Fridays? One kind or a variety?