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Sep 15, 2006 02:19 PM

ISO basic lentil/vegetable soup recipe

I'm having my first baby in November, and thought I should start making some freezable meals soon for after the birth when I'm too tired to really cook. I'd like to do a basic lentil/vegetable soup that I can add flavourings to (curry or fresh herbs, etc) while reheating, but I don't want something that's so bland I'll HAVE to add to it. Any recs? Preferably not tomato-based stock, please.

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  1. Saute mirepoix (2 parts diced onion to 1 part celery and 1 part carrot). Add chicken stock, bouquet garni (cluster of parsley, a bay leaf, and half-a-dozen peppercorns), and a cup or two of lentils.

    Doesn't get more basic than that -- add extra vegetables and/or seasonings at will (I like spinach a la minute and extra garlic).

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      Be advised to pre-cook your lentils for the above recipe. Most chicken stock (store bought) is salted, and salt may cause your lentils to toughen in the cooking process if you use dried ones that have not first been soaked or par-cooked. Otherwise, this sounds like a delicious recipe.

    2. I love this lentil soup recipe. It does have some tomato paste so maybe that disqualifies it for you but does not taste tomato-y to me. The squeeze of lemon is essential. I often add a handful of spinach at the end or sliced carrots halfway through. Also you can omit the cumin and sub thyme or whatever herb appeals to you.

      1. There was a thread late last month about lentil soups, I made the red lentil chili with some modifications (didn't bother with pureeing anything or adding thickener) and I thought it was great. Good luck!