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Sep 15, 2006 02:19 PM

One good place in Dubai

My husband just got back from Dubai so this is second-hand-but here goes.
The first night in Dubai he and a colleague went to Bastiakah Nights, a restaurant in the old section of town. Apaprently it's built in an old riadh, around a very pretty central courtyard. It's a prix fixe meal that started off a cream of barley soup, which he was delightful; then a platter of seven different kinds of appetizers, inclduing an eggplant dish he really liked. You can choose your main-he picked a lamb that he said was exceptional, and dessert was really nice as well-a selection of very nice fruit, tea, cookies and pastries. It ran about 50 euro/person. I think the setting was really enjoyable from what he said, and the service quite nice as well.

Here's the website if anyone wants to check it out sometime.

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  1. Try Fatafeet, which is located along the Creek on the Bur Dubai side, more or less opposite the Etisalat Building that has the two balls on top -- can't miss it. Just get to the other side of the Creek. Anyway, they have great shwarmas, kofta kebabs, wonderful mezze.. and it's very, very reasonable. You can eat very well for $5 or so per person. Tables are mostly outside, though they do have some inside a sort of tent with a.c. if it's really hot. There's usually a breeze, so outside's okay even if the temp is in the mid to high 90s (33-38 C).

    1. Bastakia Nights certainly is not bad, but very more frequented by toursit groups and slightly overpriced. If you are looking for something authentic, go to any one of the countless lebanes restaurants on Rigga Road in Deira or along Sheikh Zayed Road - the more Arabs and Emiratis you see there, the better the food is! One of my absolute favorites is the "Al Safadi" on Sheikh Zayed Road, right before the Dusit Hotel. Excellent food, quick and efficient service, dirt cheap, and a nice garden to sit outside in the cooler months. Wonderful selection of cold and hot meze (dips and nibbles, typicals lebanes sterters), and they have at least 20 differen fresh fruit juices, including excotics like grenadine and avocado. If you still need alcohol, go for an after dinner drink to one of the 5-star hotels close by, maybe Vu's bar at emirates Towers with a spectacular view over Dubai (50th floor!).
      Anybody needs more advice, let me know, im am living in Dubai and I love eating out here!

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        I too love the food in Dubai and often fantasize about it. If you stick with more traditional places you will find that the food is much much better than any of the fancier or touristy spots. I had the best Persian food in my life in Dubai and I live in LA which has one of the largest Iranian communities outside of Iran! The Lebanese food is great too, and extremely reasonable.

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          Hi you have a recommendation for a specific persian restaurant in Dubai? There are so many here so which one do you think is best (for a reasonable price)?

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            Hi Neilav, sorry, I was travelling a lot lately, hence the late response. Actually Persian is not one of my favorites, probable due to the exessive use of raisins in many dishes - and I loath raisins. Try in deira, in the Rigga Road area, there are a few and you surely find a good one.

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              pars is one of the biggest most popular and understandably the best in persion food. and its significantly cheap too!

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            hey there- any cance you could tell me what is in the signature 51st cocktail at Vu's Bar?

            1. re: MartiniGirls

              I am more into good old red wine, not really a cocktail fan. But why don't you just ask them, contact the bar keeper through the hotel?