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Sep 15, 2006 01:31 PM

[AUS] Brother-in-law visiting

My brother-in-law is coming for his first visit to Austin, mostly for the ACL festival. We've recently moved to Georgetown from North Carolina and have been doing our best to follow up on recommendations from these boards. But by no means are we prepared to show someone a good eating time.

We'd like relatively cheap places (~$12 entrees or less) to eat that serves food that he probably hasn't had in NY. I am not asking about "funky Austin" places where you pay on average $3/item more than you should, and the food isn't all that good. I care most about food, but since we're taking someone out, environs and service do matter to an extent.

We are definitely going to Lockhart. We recently went to T. Arranda's on Burnet, but I don't think we ordered the right stuff (except for my husband's pork shoulder taco).

Specifically I'm posting this because--although this kind of topic is covered a lot around here--previous responses have not generally been geared toward the north side. Though I'm not opposed to driving, I don't feel all that motivated to head to South Congress for a breakfast taco.

So, I'd like recommendations for:
(1) breakfast taco
(2) Mexican dinner
(3) good place for beer that's not a "spring break" bar
(4) down home food (chicken fried steak, decent biscuits, etc.)
(5) anything else that we should try

Please help! THANKS!

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  1. Hoover's should help with the down home--new location on 183. Georgetown has a breakfast spot that I read a lot about--Monument Cafe, supposed to be good from what I hear. You might want to pop in to Charlie's Steak House in Pflugerville--step back in time a bit for some home cooking.

    1. Thanks! I hadn't heard of Hoover's or Charlie's Steak House.

      We've been meaning to try Monument, so we might give that a try for breakfast rather than search out tacos.

      Just for clarification: I'm happy to travel into Austin. I just know from reading that people recommend a lot of spots on the south side and wanted to hear about possible options north of, say, 6th street.

      1. For my money, I love the breakfast tacos at Ken's Subs, Tacos & More, 9408 Dessau Road (well north). I used to work nearby and every single morning someone in the office would yell, "I'm going to Ken's, what do y'all want?"

        It was hell on a girl's diet, I can tell you that.