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Sep 15, 2006 01:16 PM

Real Bread in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens

I recently moved to Cobble Hill and I'm having a difficult time finding quality bread. There are lots of Italian bakeries nearby, but I'm pining for hearty, crusty loaves; artisanal bread; country/peasant sourdough boules....

Is there a bakery in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Boerum Hill/Brooklyn Heights that might satisfy my craving?


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  1. Both Caputo's and Mazzola are my go-to for good Italian loaves. Caputo has fantastic olive bread and my favorite ciabatta loaf. Mazzola's lard bread and cheese bread (this is like crack!) are fantastic.

    I occasionally get bread at Fairway as well. They have a good 8 grain pullman loaf I use for sandwiches. They also carry loaves from Sullivan St and Balthazar. That said, I like supporting my local bakeries and since they are so good, there's really no reason not to.

    1. Piglette - unfortunately you've moved to a bread-challegned hood. The Italian bakeries, good as they are for some things, just don't do it for me when it comes to a good crusty loaf of bread -- Mazzola's country loaf simply lacks density and the crust leaves so much to be desired. Taza, a lovely coffee shop on Henry just past Atlantic, like Fairway, carries Balthazar, Sullivan St., and Amy's, among others, and Sahadi's generally has a few good loaves. The farmer's market at Court Square on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays also has a few good options -- unfortunately, I can't offer any names - I always go by sight.

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        The Sahadi loaves near the register are La Brea Bakery par-baked breads, a well-known L.A. bakery run by Nancy Silverton. They are distributed nationally par-baked and finished off at the stores.

      2. Erica Marcus reported a couple years back that there is SOMEBODY on Court Street who sells Royal Crown Bread - their Paneantico is not sour, but its definitely crusty, characterful country bread.

        Here is the link to her earlier post - dont know - did this happen?

        If Bread Alone sells at the Brooklyn City Hall Farmers Market, as they do at GAP, they definitely have artisanal french-style country boules.

        You might want to check Marquet (I havent been in for bread for several years) or if convenient Garden of Eden on Montague which carries bread from a number of city bakeries.

        finally, Mazzola does offer some "country style" loaves - the round shapes - tho they may not satisfy a desire for chewy and sour.

        1. Try Provence en Boite on Smith Street - they have a decent Polaine-style miche. (Dark, dense, cake-like whole-wheat bread with a carmelized crust)

          1. Stinky offers a small selection of hearty breads. At Mazzola, I too was underwhelmed by the country loaf, though I did like their whole wheat (more presence). Otherwise agree that Fairway is the best bet.

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              I'm a big fan of Stinky Bklyn for both their cheeses and other offerings. But, just fyi, their bread comes from well-known local bakeries. Brooklyn's Mazzola definitely. I think I've seen Sullivan Street bread there as well. Possibly others.