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Sep 15, 2006 01:13 PM

"Throwdown" Jambalaya Bobby Flay

Is it possible that Bobby Flay was really that clueless about making Jambalaya?

In his first attempt, he added the seafood before the rice and wondered why the rice was raw.

In his second attempt, he kept taking the lid off the thing while the heat was completely off.

I thought, "Jeez, even I know to add the seafood much later in the cooking process!"

I don't know, we always find him annoying but we watched anyway, because I wanted to see the Cajun guy's recipe. At least this show is better than the ones where he sits around a set with his annoying yuppie friends.

Annoyance aside, I believe he is a better chef than that. Do you think he threw the "Throwdown"?

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  1. Maybe his producers read these forums and realize most viewers think he's an ass. Throwing an episode once in a while might humble his image.

    My 4-year-old knows to put the shrimp in just before you're ready to serve. And she eats her boogers.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      I was there in fact I was all over that episode - I dont think Bobby threw it - I think he was just clueless to Jambalaya. Bobby just wanted to try to "fancy" something up that doesnt need to be fancy. Down here we dont have to eat food that looks pretty just taste real good and that is where New Orleanians will beat Flay anytime!

    2. I would imagine a well trained and very successful chef would know that seafood cooks faster than rice. Based on that, it would seem that he may have in fact tanked it.


      1. What Bobby Flay made was closer to paella than it was to Jambalaya. His inability to properly cook rice surprised me too. The guy can cook. I don't know how he went so far afield on this show. I'd like more details about Emille's jambalaya.

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        1. re: jcbroder

          I was at the taping of that show and I heard alot of people say it was like a paella.
          Also.. lobster?! Jambalaya is a poor mans, local new orleans dish. Lobster is not cheap nor local. Here is Emiles website. Not sure if he has the recipe or not.

          1. re: annamarie84

            Lobster is Flay's way of making it fancy in order to impress his hand picked ‘impartial’ judges. He used the same trick on the chowder challenge,

        2. Haven't seen the jambalaya episode, but Flay has lost most of the throwdowns that I've seen and seems fairly clueless outside of his area of expertise when he's beginning the challenge. My guess is that some of that bumbling is for entertainment purposes. He always manages to produce an end result that appears pretty good even when he loses. I don't find Flay nearly as annoying as I used to. I noticed him to have started changing his attitude over the course of the Iron Chef America run, seeming less arrogant and more receptive to criticism. I'd even say he takes his losses with grace in "Throwdown."

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          1. re: Chimayo Joe

            I've caught at least part of a handful of these throwdowns, and he's lost every one. I'm almost tempted to say the program is intended to showcase the talents and boost the careers of cooks he admires. Perhaps I'm being too hopeful.

            1. re: Chimayo Joe

              I've noticed Flay has mellowed out a bit on Throwdown...but any adjustment downward from his annoying and crass self would work. I think Throwdown is sort of the reinvention of his last travel/cook show to show he's not that much of an ass. My guess is his handlers told him to chill out. Still can't watch much of Flay...5 mintues and it's flip to the next station.

            2. I am not really impressed by this show. As a chef cooking against people who are excellent cooks and semi-pro at best, this show tells the world that CHEATING is good.

              Flay goes against cooks who have great recipes and then uses much better ingredients than the cooks do. For example, the Marine Captain and his steak challenge. The Captain was using sirloin, if it was that good, and Flay used rib eye and tenderloin.

              I challenge Flay to a drag race. I will bring a double-A fueler and Flay can have a tricycle you have to pedal that my grandson no longer uses.

              If we are going to impress people with our culinary ability, then use the same basic ingredients, and saying that "we both used meat" is not the same basic ingredient.

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              1. re: Fish80

                Exactly. The fundamental concept of the show seems to be "Even though you are an amateur cook who has garnered some fame and attention for being good at one thing, I Bobby Flay, will try to upstage you at every turn with every available advantage at my disposal to try to strip that away from you." I just don't get the point of this show at all.