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Sep 15, 2006 08:33 AM

Rosie O'Grady's Bar and Steakhouse

Those of you Chowhounds who have been reading the Manhattan Boards over the last couple of days will have seen a couple of postings from me looking for somewhere in the Manhattan area that serves reasonable food, I have been looking for mainly Indian, Italian, Steak & Seafood

I have now narrowed the search down to 3 restaurants, 2 on your recommendations (thank you all) and this one that I have seen on one of the many New York Tourist websites, as we will be staying on Lexington Avenue and 48th Street this place has come up as not being too far away (you have to bear in mind that I will have my wife and 2 teenage kids in tow so we don't want to travel too far from the hotel after a long days sightseeing)

I've taken a look at their website and some of the other reviews have all said it's ok

Just wondering if any of you Chowhounds have been there and what your impressions of the place are

Is this a good place to be able to take the kids for a meal (they are Girl 18 and boy 15) and will they enjoy the place?

I look forward to reading your postings!

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  1. I can't say I've been or even seen any discussion on ROG, but it looks like this place primarily markets to tourists. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;) For a steakhouse in the same price range, I'd give the nod to Angelo & Maxie's at Park Ave. South and 19th or my neighborhood place, the Knickerbocker. It's at 9th Street and University Place. The Knickerbocker is slightly more expensive.

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    1. re: billh

      Thanks for this, I have taken a look at both of the websites and we may go for Angelo-Maxies as I really dont think the kids will appreciate Jazz yet!

      Keep up the good work!



      1. re: Terry44

        Terry, A word of caution re: Angelo & Maxie's. The noise level there can get so horrendously high that you will not be able to have a conversation without shouting across the table.

    2. Total tourist trap. Skip it.

      1. it can be perceived as a tourist trap because it is in a tourist area (around 3 hotels). i work in the area and have been there many times for business (and non-business) lunches and dinners before theatre. it's very convenient, and fast. oh, and good. angelo and maxies is good but totally overpriced (i'll probably get socked for that one) and it's not in the area terry asked for.

        1. In the area requested, consider Cite or the less formal Cite Grill next door.