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Sep 15, 2006 07:55 AM

Grocery/deli shopping near Times Sq

For a forthcoming week-long visit, we are planning to focus on having long fabulous lunches - then for the evenings we plan to stock the apartment (just off Times Sq) with some tasty morsels and a lot of sparkling wine... plus the essentials of life like coffee, milk and alka seltzer.
Where can we shop locally for lifes essentials plus some high quality luxurious snacks? Preferably a one-stop shop, but we are prepared to go that extra yard for some serious self-indulgence.
Do wine shops deliver less than a case?

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  1. Wine shops will deliver even one bottle..make sure to tip the deliverer. You will find the best array of food markets on 9th Avenue..the Amish market will have what you are searching for..I don't have the cross street but it is in the 40s. For great Greek and Middle Eastern prepared items you can check out International Foods on 9th Ave and 40th Street..west side of street. Their taramasalta is famous city-wide.

    1. it's not too close, but not too far - whole foods at columbus circle. good mile walk or quick bus/train ride uptown. or trader joes (another really really good walk or train/bus on 14th street)

      1. Grand Central Market in Grand Central Station isn't Times Square per se, but it's a nice stroll, or 1 stop on the Shuttle across 42nd Street, and the food hall that runs out towards LExington Avenue will meet your 'tasty morsel' quotient.

        If you like things Japanese, there's a small Japanese food market and good take out tidbits on the south side of East 41st Street, just east from the NY Public Library (there are several storefronts - check them all out).

        And if you have a real bagel craving, H&H Bagels is on 46th Street and 12th Ave. (A hike, but this is the factory, so they'll be amazingly fresh. No seating, but they do sell appropriate schmeers, drinks, etc.)

        1. Grand Central is a good idea... last time I was in NY I bought salads etc there, but never anything fancy.
          The Amish market sounds a fine idea (we're Brits, there are no Amish here).. I picture wholesome high fibre foods, though I may be wrong!
          I'll soon be posting asking about lunch recommendations - myself and a friend are spending a week in NY courtesy of another friend who left me money in her will. She was mad (literally) and so in her memory I want to eat somewhere she would have dared to go but I wouldn't normally dream of going. But I guess that's another post..