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Sep 15, 2006 06:46 AM

italian bakeries mail order?

do any of the old italian bakeries in brooklyn/bronx/queens have mail order for cakes? i'm looking for a traditional italian rum cake with custard/almonds.

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  1. I know Manhattan does if you can't get someone in the OB to ship.


    What you want:

    1. Bakeries that might deliver to NC if you utilize "contact us" or, better yet, *call them*:



      Plus [2] more shops w/o websites that I know of, but very much worth mentioning:

      (i) DeLillo’s Pastry 606 E 187 St (718) 367-8198

      (ii) Egidio’s Pastry 622 E 187 St (718) 295-6077

      <Valuable resource also> ...