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Sep 15, 2006 06:31 AM

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor

Update: After new owners re-opened the restaurant several months ago I went back for lunch today to see how it has settled in.
They have added a daily special, soup and desserts since we were there. Everything is house made, well prepared, not greasy and delicious.
The tamales are amazing..only remembering tamales from the original restaurant which were not special, we decided to order them today. The pork and beef tamales were both outstanding, made with organic stone ground corn, tender chunks of meat and a perfect red mole sauce. They are served with a fresh chopped cabbage salad.
I also ordered the chicken soup which was also very different from typical Mission restaurants. The first thing I noticed was there were no bones to deal with but a clean, clear broth with shredded chicken, carrot, zucchini and red bell pepper slices with a piece of tender cabbage. It is served with lime, chopped onion and celantro on the side with house made tortillas. The chips are served warm with a nice salsa.
The special today was boneless chicken with tomatillo cream sauce served with rice and pinto or black beans. There are many vegetarian choices as well.
We were very happy with the new restaurant, the food and manager Cesar Morales' gracious manner and pride in the food served.
If anyone is interested in experiencing delicious Cal/Mex food beautifully prepared, then I can recommend RTP.

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  1. Whoa I haven't been or thought about Rossevelt Tamale Parlor for a long time. Thanks for the review and glad to hear it's been improved.

    How are the prices? I recall back in the day it was pretty inexpensive.

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      A little more than the Mission Taquerias, but the quality of food and service is so much better. Apps, small plates, combinations, tamales & enchiladas $4.95 - $9.95. Large plates with specialties like fajitas, skirt steak and beef tenders are up to $13.95

      1. re: Beans

        Is this really the new owner's menu?

        When I was there a month or so ago, the menu was no more than a few items only a couple of Specialities and there were NO combo plates.

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          That thread is from when the place first reopened and then went quickly downhill. Sounds like they got their act together.

        2. I really want to know why the woman from Primavera left the fold so quickly.

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          1. re: Atomica

            Reportedly she was only hired as a consultant.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              The newspaper reported that she had severed ties or some such thing, so it sounded to me as though she had left for some unfortunate reason.

          2. hello, we just had a very good lunch there; the chicken soup was excellent, almost like one might get in a good Jewish deli, but with a clearer, less schmaltzy broth, perfect if someone needed good plain food to recuperate and plenty for lunch in itself for 7.50. Complimentary chips were very fresh, very crisp, light, and grease-free.The specials included a pollo w. tomatillo-lime sauce and tacos de chicharron con salsa verde, which is what I had, along with a tamale de pollo con mole oaxaqueno. The tacos were decent, the meat very dense and firm w/o toughness or gristle, but outshone by the tamale and soup. I saw a combo with two tamales, rice and beans, and that was a lot of food, the tamales being large, well packed with filling, and plump.
            Nice patch of shops on that stretch of 24th (the parlor is nearly next door to the venerable St. Francis fountain and began one year later),within two blocks a good panaderia/cafe selling a near-endless assortment of pastries,cookies,pan dulces and so on, La Victoria, and the mexi-deli La Palma that has the fresh potato chips loved by J.Leff. They're going for 4.50/lb sold in small bags of 3-4 oz., but the shop does most of its trade in essentials needed by hard-cookin' latina homemakers, one in front of me with a big bag ea. of fresh masa and soft cheese. Will try the tortilla chips next time. salud