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Sep 15, 2006 06:31 AM

Seattle source for cocoa nibs and cocoa butter

My local Met Market didn't seem to have these and I need them to finish the Veil Peanut Butter Ice Cream dessert that was in Bon Appetit recently. Anybody know where in Seattle (or Bellevue) I can find these without too much driving around?

Has anyone tried this recipe yet?

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  1. Theo Chocolate in Fremont sells nibs. Larry's in Queen Anne used to sell Scharffen-Berger nibs, don't know if they still do.

    1. Cocoa butter isn't a supermarket (or "gourmet" store) sort of item. If there's a candymaking supply place or maybe a fairly hardcore cake decorating place near you, they'll probably have it.

      Just so you know exactly what it is you're looking for, it's the fat removed from chocolate in the process of making cocoa - it's not a processed product like the cocoa/oil spreads you mention in your other thread. (I didn't respond there b/c I don't use it enough to be able to think of an adequate substitute.) It's barely solid at room temperature, and starts to melt at low temps, much like chocolate will only a little quicker because there are no cocoa solids to help it keep shape. It tastes chocolate, but not intensely.

      Now that I think of it, butter might be the most adequate substitute from the texture standpoint, though the flavor will be very different of course.

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        Yea, after I started to do some poking around, it became clear that a spread wasn't going to work. I can't recall whether the recipe already uses butter though. I was thinking maybe just canola oil. The recipe already calls for chocolate so I doubt I really have to add more to compensate for the flavor loss.

        I found the nibs at Whole Foods in Bellevue. In addition to the Scharffen-Berger brand, they've also got Dagoba and their own label brand. I made the mistake of popping a few in my mouth. I felt like Tom Hanks is big when he first tastes caviar.

        Thanks for the advice.

        1. re: SandraV

          That last bit didn't make much sense, did it?

          I meant to say that I felt like Tom Hanks in "Big" when I tasted them.

      2. NOW Foods sells a 7 oz container of 100% pure cocoa butter.
        Check some health food stores that carry NOW products (Minkler's Green Earth in Renton?)or NOW foods also sells online.

        1. Theo Chocolate at 3400 Phinney Ave. N in Fremont sells delicious nibs and lots of other creative things using nibs, like nib brittle plain or enrobed in their delicious chocolate. Also a dark chocolate bar with nibs to add crunch. For an added bonus, all of their products are fair trade and organic. plus they give tours of their factory where they roast, melt and make all of their chocolate. good stuff!