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Sep 15, 2006 04:48 AM

Anyone been to LE MIU?

Heard it is almost as good as Jewel Bako, only without the high prices.


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  1. I went last weekend for the first time.

    I was very impressed. If we're doing comparisons, I think it's more of a cheaper, far more comfortabe Nobu rather than a JB. They have a pretty extensive sushi list (great, very fresh) but most of the menu is made up of cooked dishes and japanese-style tapas. of course there's a black code, though this one is cooked in pastry with some nice mushrooms.

    Downside? friendly but veerrrrrrrry slow service. Like 45-minute wait for a cocktail (at least it was free when it finally came). Wine was faster.

    1. I went earlier this year and loved it. Here is my old post:

      Le Miu Japanese Restaurant Review
      Last night my husband tried the new restaurant, Le Miu. It is located at 107 Avenue A (7th Sreet). It's been open for over two months and I've been wanting to try it for awhile. The chefs are from Nobu and Megu, some have owned their own restaurants in and around the city. Boy was the food good! It is like Nobu at half the price!!! The plating was gorgeous and the food was outstanding. Boy were we surprised. They have two tasting menus at $45 and $65. We will try that next time. This time we just ordered the following:

      BBQ Jalapeno Yellowtail
      Fois Gras Sushi - homemade fois gras
      Fried Jumbo Shrimp
      Mizuna Salad - with bacon and fried tofu
      Miso Marinated Black Cod in Phyllo Dough
      Sauteed Seafood Noodles which came in a crispy basket
      Tuna Carpaccio Salad - Oh my god, this was so good!

      For dessert, we had the Fondant Chocolate with ice cream and the Mont Blanc also with ice cream. They were both excellent. They make all sorbets and ice cream on the premises.

      Our bill for 7 appetizers and entrees and two desserts, no drinks, was $122.75.

      This small place will be hard to get into once word gets out on the street. Enjoy!

      posted by SFSlinky on Feb 25, 2006 7:41 AM

      1. mas and slinky: Thanks a million! You've inspired me to check out Le Miu. It sounds like I should make a reservation, right?

        Foie gras sushi? Fantastic! I hope that's on one of the tasting menus. Cheers!

        1. walked by it a few nights ago-considered eating there but one of the chefs(?) was sitting directly under the menu outside chainsmoking so neither my wife or I was able to scan the menu w/o coughing up a lung-that put us off it enough to move on-ended up eating at Clinton St Baking Company instead. Had the blueberry pancakes for dinner-wife had the fish tacos-very good food at low prices although the waitress charged me for 2 ice teas instead of a refill which is a pet peeve of mine but that is another story.
          Back to Le Miu-after reading some of the comments above I will give it a shot next time I'm down there... I have to admit, I had never heard of it before when I walked by it the other night & had the guy not been smoking like a chimney right in front we probably would have checked it out...

          1. Great sea urchin sashimi dish in cocktail glass with cucumbers and gelee. MMMM.