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Sep 15, 2006 04:25 AM


Went for Light Lunch Omakase(30-) yesterday, very good!

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    1. I also went for lunch yesterday (hmm, maybe I actually SAW Russ after all these years).

      Had a wonderful meal. I noticed that Kiriko seems to be expanding their lunch offerings with special blackboard deals - offerings that, in name anyway, seem to be similar to the Hides of the world. There was shrimp and vegetable tempura and also a shrimp tempura roll. Interesting strategy.

      1. The lunch omakase at Kiriko is a favorite of mine.
        Not a great value -- ~ten pieces, a roll, soup, salad and ice cream for $30 -- but enjoyable.

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        1. re: jcwla

          I totally disagree about the value. The nine pieces of nigiri always include at least one piece of toro (often two if they do a seared tuna), bluefin tuna, and usually other high-end fish. Two pieces of toro is at least $10 at most restaurants, and the blue crab roll alone would be $7. That's $19 of the $29.50 total right there. As part of the omakase, I have often received items like japanese red snapper, copper river salmon, scallops from Japan, uni, sweet shrimp (with the heads fried and served separately), baby yellowtail, or homemade smoked salmon. Usually, omakase includes bluefin and at least two of the above items. Those would be at least $3.50-$4 a piece at most sushi restaurants. So those six items ala carte would typically cost the same amount as the entire omakase, which includes four more pieces of very high-end fish, excellent miso soup (the best I've ever had), salad, and homemade ice cream or sorbet.

          Sure you can get a lunch special at Echigo for $11, but the fish comes nowhere close to Kiriko's in terms of quality.

          1. re: jcwla

            I think it is terrific value for the quality of the sushi. To obtain a meal of similiar size and quality in the evening at any good sushi restaurant in Los Angeles (including Kiriko) the price would be double that.

            It isn't a cheap sushi lunch but is excellent value.

          2. concurring with this. kiriko is a stellar place. i had the best yellowtail of my life there.
            so much of the sashimi was just beautiful. i wish i'd gone today, in fact

            1. Also a big fan. Had the awkward experience of going there last month with someone who wouldn't eat fish (didn't find out until we got there). Did discover the chicken teriyaki is quite good though.

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              1. re: BabyLitigator

                Kiriko is one of my faves precisely because of the non-fish options. It's a great spot given the quality of sushi and the menu both in one place. Another goodie for that is Tama Sushi in Studio City, if you ever need one out that way.

                1. re: BabyLitigator

                  I had a similar experience. I had made special arrangements with Ken to do a special dinner for some VIPs (including two Olympic medalists) who had told me that they loved sushi. What I didn't realize was that their frame of reference for sushi was California and tempura rolls. I was mortified when one of them said he wasn't "really into the raw fish thing." But Ken, thankfully, bailed us out with amazing tempura (my guests freaked out at the size of the prawns) and the always great halibut in spicy miso sauce.

                  1. re: Jwsel

                    That is hysterical -- people who are into sushi, but not the raw fish thing. Alrighty then.