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Sep 15, 2006 04:06 AM

sauce pan or saucier?

hey guys,

i greatly appreciate all the replies to my cast iron question. got another one for you though. i'm looking for a 3 qt sauce pan or saucier. which do you prefer? or do you own both? also in the market for a 1 qt pan as well. right now i'm leaning towards a 3qt saucier and a 1 qt sauce pan. but might end up getting a 3 qt sauce pan with a 1 qt saucier. i just think the saucier would be better for risotto, polenta because of the curved 'corners'. would love to hear suggestions and opinions. TIA

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  1. Hard to come up with a single pan response. Risotto does work well in the saucier due to the curved bottom. And while I do own a 2-qt saucier, I don't use it for risotto. I use a 2-qt sauce pan. For grits (polenta) I use a non-stick 2-qt.

    Given that grits/polenta are cooked covered and risotto uncovered, the point is rather different. But in either case, it is a relatively slow cook, so the larger base would seem to be called for.

    I use my sauciers for ingredients (tomato paste most recently, but also balsamic onions, reductions). I never use them for finished dishes. Not that they don't work...they just look like a 7-up 'uncola' glass that is wrong.

    As to the 1 qt pan, All Clad and others used to offer it at $30 as a teaser intoduction to the brand. Not sure if they still do.

    1. I think 1 quart is too small--you'll wind up looking for something roomier and it will be underused. I'd go with 3 quart saucier and 2 quart saucepan instead.

      1. I just got a 3qt. saucier from Caphalon for $39 from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's stainless with a heavy laminated base with aluminum (I think) at the core. I couldn't believe the price but they said it was some promotional deal. Came with an attractive steel banded glass top with a steel handle.

        Quite a sweet deal for $39! I think when I bought an All-Clad 1qt. saucier without a lid 18 months or so ago I paid in the neighborhood of $150 for it. ...and 1qt is simply NOT big enough when you add cream to caramelized sugar!

        I think it would be excellent for polenta. I do risotto in a heavy bottomed skillet with rounded sides. I like to use the evaporation to allow me to use more broth or stock for additional flavor.

        1. A saucier is great if you are mixing or mashing the contents. No corners to hide in. A large one is perfect for making mashed potatoes.