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Sep 15, 2006 02:56 AM

Best Portuguese restaurant in Toronto, please

We are making a trip to Toronto for the Maple Leaf Chow show and want to secure a reservation at the best Portuguese restaurant - recs. please! Much appreciated - we don't have any Portuguese restaurants in Los Angeles and want to eat my fill.

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  1. Chiado at 864 College St.

    Awesome seafood dishes.

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    1. re: mglenn

      Completely agree with Chiado. But if you also want to try some Portuguese food that's a little less classy/pricy, there are plenty of Churrascarias serving fantastic bbq chicken with piri piri sauce, roasted potatoes, rice etc.

    2. Here is a recent string on Portuguese Restaraunts:

      1. Chiado by far, but be prepared to spend a LOT of money. I used to like Amadeus in Kensington, but haven't been there in a long time.

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        1. re: embee

          For a slightly cheaper option, you might try Adega. I believe it's run by the same people as Chiado, and the food is excellent, at a price point that's a little easier to swallow.

        2. Chiado by a mile.
          There is nothing to compare it to in Toronto.
          Some say it is one of the best in the world.
          Fish flown in fresh daily.
          The whole grilled fish (three-4 to choose from) is always excellent.
          The service is first-rate.


          1. Try Piri-Piry on Davenport or La Perla on College St.
            Not High end restaurants but very clean with good service and just about as authentic as you are going to find here in Toronto.

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            1. re: paul6519

              I tried Piri-Piri last night with some guests.

              I hate to say this, but we were very disappointed. The service was slow and aloof, although not unfriendly. At no time did he ask us how our meal was, which was, uh, mediocre at best.

              We all ordered fish for our mains. When they arrived, I immediately noticed the greens: the whole beans were dull, dull green like they've been overcooked to hell. I can't believe they would actually serve this. And, indeed, the greens were mushy and tasteless and luke warm.

              My fish dish (I ordered the seam bream) wasn't all that bad, but for a dish that was over $21, you would have expected more. The presentation was amateurish and unappealing. It looked like things were just slopped on the plate. My guests didn't like their mains at all and didn't finish theirs.

              The atmosphere is very casual--almost too casual. It's a family-oriented place with lots of babies and kids and NOISE. I wouldn't come here for a meeting.

              All in all, I was a bit embarrassed for taking my guests here, and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.