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Sep 15, 2006 02:36 AM

Jovia lately (post-DeChellis)?

Anyone been to Jovia post-Josh DeChellis leaving? Any thoughts? Any favorite dishes?

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  1. To answer my own question . . . a big disappointment.

    None of the food was particularly good or memorable, with the possible exception of a side of creamed spinach.

    There were 4 of us. For appetizers, we had the octopus, tuna carpaccio, burrata, and a salad with figs and gorgonzola. the octopus was nicely cooked but had no flavor, the burrata was ok but unexceptional, the tuna was good, but again, nothing out of the ordinary, and the salad was tasteless. really. The greens were bland, the figs were bland, the cheese was bland, whatever else was there was bland.

    On to the mains.

    On the waiter's recommendation, two people got the veal chop. It was cooked nicely, and had a nice sauce, and very good green beans with it, with a nicely grilled peach, but the chop itself was not a very good piece of meat. It was very fatty, not in that flavorful way, but just in a big chunks of fat, hard to eat kind of way. The hanger steak was drastically underseasoned and was not a flavorful enough cut to stand out on its own. And the last entree, a raviolini with spicy shrimp in an olive oil lemon sauce, did not work at all. Too many different flavors, that didn't work together, and much too heavy a hand on the olive oil.

    Add to that service that was ok but slightly odd (much too much time spent wiping spots off the table between courses, multiple water order takers, an odd mix of timidity and aloofness), and all in all, very forgettable.