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Sep 15, 2006 02:34 AM


g'day, i have a serious sweet tooth any ideas on the best place for a cake in LA?

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  1. What kind of cake are you looking for and in what neighborhood?

    Not necessarily the best, but in a generally central location is SUSINA. Check it out.

    1. Put cake into the search box, it's one of the most excessantly-talked-about subjects on the L.A. board.

      1. I too have a massive sweet tooth.
        I really like Susina, but only for specific items.
        The "bear cake" (chocolate cake), berry cake, bread pudding, fruit tarts, cream pies, breakfast pastries/croissants and tiny Italian cookies are all excellent. And if you order in advance the St Honore is great! I find their pies, linzer torte and regular big cookies(choco.chip, oatmeal) and brownies very disappointing and too sweet.

        There is also Boule, Jin Patisserie, Almandine, Europane which are all very good-depends what you are looking for.

        I find the desserts at Sweet Lady Jane's over-rated, overly sweet and sloppy. However, the cheese puffs are good.

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          I LOVE Susina... for the seating and selection. Last time we went we had the key lime pie. The curd was not as tart as I would have liked, but the texture was SOO velvety. SO had the Carrot Cake. The frosting was GOOD. So tangy, yet light. It had THIN layers which meant it was missing raisins (Which SO was dispointed about) but the texture was absolutely, again, to die for. So moist, almost like a bed pudding.


        2. Ditto on Sweet Lady Jane being overrated (I actually like it there more for the pastries than the cakes, and service is mediocre)

          Susina's get my vote for cakes -- though Cafe Vanille (in San Marino & Rowland Heights) is a close runner-up, and definitely an easier drive from where I live (SG Valley)

          1. If you like sweet Sweet Lady Jane is awesome.
            Something objectively too rich is one thing but better sweet than "artsy" and not sweet enough as far as I'm concerned.
            Al Gelato for pumpkin or lemon pie.