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Sep 15, 2006 02:03 AM

Down home cooking around Chapel Hill??

New to this site but excited about getting connected!

I am a mother of 4 and rarely get out but my haggard (stay at home partner) needs a good meal and craving some down home meatloaf and potatoes meal. No idea if this exists in CH, Carrboro, Hillsborough????

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  1. There's a diner in Carrboro called Country Kitchen, they serve only breakfast & lunch & advertise home-style cooking. They're always packed, but I can't personally comment as they close too early for me.

    1. elmo's in carrboro is probably your best bet for that type of food, followed closely by breadman's. elmo's is very kid-friendly, too. not knock your socks off good, but the things they do well are very solid. just, for god's sake, stay away from the sausage gravy. abominable.
      for the record, they also both serve breakfast all day.

      1. Rick's Diner in Durham (on the Chapel Hill side, near Target on 15-501)has pretty good meatloaf & sides. I'm not big on meatloaf, but my kid really likes it. Any other opinions on Rick's? I haven't been in a while, but it used to do fairly good diner food -real diner, not nouveau-diner. Sometimes nouveau diner is just what you want, though.

        1. I'm never disappointed with the meatloaf meal at Elmo's...very simple and good. And yes, the sausage gravy is an abomination...very strange considering how good everything else is on the menu.

          1. Agree with the above posts. Your best bets for "home style" or "square meals" are Elmo's Diner and Breadman's (both in Chapel Hill). Mama Dip's is ok, too, but it is generally overrated as compared to years ago. Rick's Diner recently had a B sanitation rating so I'd avoid that place.