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Tamales, Huaraches in San Diego

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Has anyone found any especially great tamales in the greater SD area? Interesting variations?

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  1. ate some awesome tamales at a party, they were takeout from a place in la jolla called "porkyland"

    i haven't been back there but have heard that it's the place to go

    1. They aren't the most fabulous tamales in the world, but they're servicable and pretty good for the price, $1.00. There is a tamale cart on El Cajon around 37th or 35th - somewhere in the mid 30s as cross streets go - that is in front of a liquor store on the North side of El Cajon. IIRC, they had cheese and rajas, chicken, pork and pina.

      I can vouch for the cheese/raja and pork tamales as being rather tasty.

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        When we don't have time to cook, tamales from that "tamale lady" on El Cajon and 35th are a good bet. I believe they are home-made, and they are ten times easier to buy than to make yourself.

        We also like the Central American tamales at El Salvador Pupuseria on Univeristy Ave.

        But I would love to hear some new suggestions.

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          Is this the tamale cart that is often by the door of North Park Produce? She does a good job ... I don't know what the ones wrapped in banana leaves are called but they're grrrreat. I always pick up a couple after shopping there - and (off topic) everyone should shop there, what a great market!

      2. Tamales at El Porvenir- near the bridge to Coronado

        Hurraches in El Cajon, on Bradley- SeƱorTaquito

        1. Not traditional, but an interesting variation is available at Bahia Don Bravo in La Jolla/Bird Rock on LJ blvd. It served open faced and toped with a decent enchilada sauce. The beef is tender and the masa is usually pretty good. It scratches my Tamale itch, when I don't fell like heading south.

          1. I've gotten good ones at a stand in Golden Hill, at 25th (I think) and Broadway. Across from the Turf Club.

            1. I am sorry guys, but if there is a place in san diego where you can find the best homemade tamales, you need to go to TAMALES BETTY, the address there is 975 S. 38th, San Diego, CA 92113. They have a great variety, a lot of meat, great size but better yet, they taste great. From what I know, they have been around for 20 years.

              1. I like the beef tamales and cheese/jalapeno tamales at Tamales Ancira (Chula Vista, PB and Escondido). The rest of their flavors have not impressed me as much.
                Has anyone tried the ones from the little cart in front of the Produce Store directly behind (as the crow flies) from Los Cuatro Milpas? I'm sorry I don't know the name...