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Sep 15, 2006 01:24 AM

Yogurt Granola bars

Ok, hope I am posting in the right place....
I am guessing these were around in the mid 80s. They were granola bars on the inside and the outside was totally covered with "yogurt". I think they came in strawberry and blueberry. The 'stuff' on the outside was almost as thick as the bar inside and was quite creamy with a tinge of that 'sour' yogurt flavor. I want to say they were more chewy than crunchy and I am thinking maybe they were made by a company that made yogurt, not granola. The insides were almost similar to rice crispy.

In my search for these, I have found some bars that have this 'stuff' on the bottom but not totally enrobed like the ones from my past. I have also seen bars that have yogurt chunks in them but again, not what I remember. I am guessing I will not be able to find a box of them (unless it's VERY expired) but at this point, I just wanna know what they were called!

Any help?

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  1. I believe I remember eating this in the 90''s a very vague memory, so sorry I can't help! Nonetheless, I found this interesting website on foods that were founded in the 80s:

    1. I remember these as well, but for the life of me, can't remember their name. It was during the time my mom and nanny were doing Nutri-System, so perhaps the ones I remember are of that brand. I do nonetheless remember highly enjoying them, and yes, they were in fact chewy and bendable.

      Not the same at all, but there's a protein bar by MuscleTech that has a yogurt coating and bendy filling.

        1. re: keysdax

          But they're covered in "milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate,
          or white chocolate"...

        2. Definitely not FI-Bars. They look good tho! I actually started my search on that exact same 80s food page a while ago and came up with nothing. I was beginning to this I made them up! The interesting thing is one time when I was in the UK, I had a candy bar that was very similar to them but of course, I never wrote the name down.

          At least I know I did not imagine them and if anyone thinks of the name, pass it on!

          1. I LOVED these - I used to eat them for breakfast with my mom! It's funny you should mention them, I've had a yen for them recently. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name, but given my mom's proclivities towards food, I'm sure they were (marketed at least) as very healthy. I can actually still recall the taste if I try hard enough. Let us know if you figure out their name and if they're still being made.