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Sep 15, 2006 01:23 AM

The Catch in Anaheim is closing

This may be old news to some of you, but it just came up on my radar. The Catch is closing in January 2007. Developers have bought the property and are building apartments on the site. A shame that one of OC's good eateries bites the dust.

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  1. It's in the OC Entertainment book (2 for 1). Great martinis too.

    Yeah it's a shame theyre closing down because a new "lifestyle center" called Platinum Triangle will be built there. Hopefully The Catch will emerge somewhere.

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    1. re: ml22

      i have a feeling it will re-open someday in the vicinity - all the condos/apts being built and planned to be built - the people need to eat somewhere - looks like the complex at katella and state college is almost done ( remember - there was a mexican restaurant ...el torito maybe....and the other restaurant - was it charlie's been awhile ) and the complex at chapman near the 5 fwy ( across from dennys ) should be done i suspect by years end - i'm surprised there aren't more restaurants in the area - especially for the lunch crowd - i know they are building a strip like mall next to hooters - plus they have the carls jr/panda/starbucks etc across from the grove - but given the long term plans for the triangle, sedems like they'll need a few bistro style places and heck - they may still get an NFL team !

      1. re: kjs

        the condo called stadium lofts on katella and state college will have an el torito grill, subway, juice it up! and kelly's coffee on the first floor. they will open end of october.

        meanwhile the lunch crowd still has the block of orange and the cafe at the ayres hotel on city drive and chapman.