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Sep 15, 2006 01:19 AM

Possible to find NY-Style Cheesecake in LA?

After spending about a week in NY and eating my way through (and overdosing on) the cheesecakes at D'Aiuto's, Juniors, and Carnegie, I need my fix now that I am back in LA.

Any leads?

Julienne's in San Marino is good, but doesn't really measure up -- too light and creamy.


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  1. Welcome back!

    That's hard to say...I think the closest and best one I've had by far was at the terrace restaurant at the Del Coronado in San Diego.

    I hope I don't get flamed for this, but I always feel wounded with calories when I have Cheesefactory's cheesecakes. They're so rich!

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    1. re: chica

      Nothing wrong with Cheesecake Factory. But their offerings aren't really NY-Style. Their cakes are good, but a little too fussy and overwrought with new-fangled concoctions, e.g. butter rum caramel strudel cheesecake. Delicious, no doubt, but not NY-style.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Earlier this week we ordered their "original" cheesecake (always get the strawberries on the side - easier to cut with them not on the cake) for two "New York Cheesecake Lovers" at work. They both adored it. It was really, really good.

    2. The Grill on the Alley in BH
      Pastina Trattoria on Westwood Bl near Olympic
      Both places have the BEST NY Cheesecake in LA.

      1. Is there any cheesecake in LA that isn't "NY style cheesecake"?
        I'm originally from NY so its funny that once you leave there everyone says they have NY style cheesecake (except the Cheesecake Factory).

        Closest I've had is at Arnie Mortons in downtown LA and maybe at Shula's 347 at the Sheraton Gateway.

        Once out of curiosity I made a cheesecake from the Juniors cheescake recipe(you can google it)and it wasn't bad.

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        1. re: monku

          The Junior's recipe is excellent! Outstanding Recipe. The ones I've mail ordered to LA for "disobedient employees" were average.
          The NY Cheese cake that is available at Restaurants I've recommended above will be better than ANYTHING you've had in NY(and I've had them all, including a little place in Brooklyn that's so dangerous to visit I'm lucky to be typing this) or anywhere else on Planet Earth, TRUST ME!

          1. re: russkar

            Its occured to me after this posting that there must one bakery that makes most of the top of the line "NY style" cheesecakes for the LA restaurants.

            Believe me I've had my share of NY and Miami Beach cheesecakes. I'm from Great Neck and we had our share of delis and bakeries. My dads thing was going to Whitestone every now and then to pick up a cheesecake from some famous place.

            Maybe the wrong place for this but a decadent thing is the Frozen Cheesecake you get at the Balboa Pier.

        2. A tangent about Bay area cheesecake maker JM Rosen has been split into its own post. You can find it on the SF Bay board, here:

          1. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse has what they claim to be NY cheesecake. I don't like it personally because I don't like NY style. Thicker, denser, less sweet?