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Sep 15, 2006 01:03 AM

2 Days in WeHo, where must I go?

I'm going to be in West Hollywood for the first time this weekend - are there any places that I can't leave without hitting up? Not looking to break the bank (+$75/person), and definitely love the hole-in-the walls... Any great recs for Burritos, Sushi, dumplings, asian noodles, taiwanese, burgers, Cali-cuisine, tapas, or anything else thats a must-have while I'm there? Also, wouldn't mind some direction with what to order :)

Have no clue as to geographical layout, but I'm sure if it's not in Weho but it's close, that probably isn't a problem...

If you'd care to throw in a bar rec, I wouldn't mind that either.

Thanks very much!

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  1. if you are in town on a friday, definitely make it a point to check out the pig roast at norman's, iirc, its $20pp.

    1. The best dumplings, Taiwanese food, and asian noodles, in general, are not to be found in WeHo. They are mostly in San Gabriel Valley, downtown, or Chinatown. It's not far to get there from WeHo -- take the 101 to downtown/Chinatown, or all the way to 110 Pasadena fwy and go south to that vein, some good dumpling places are: Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, Mei Long Village, Dumpling 10053 in El Monte.

      Taiwanese food: Sin Ba La in Arcadia: sausages w/ all sorts of condiments, and the largest, one of the most affordable shaved ice (they use Hawaiian-like shaved ice).

      Sushi: Downtown Little Tokyo is a great place for good sushi. The list includes Sushi Gen, Sushi Go 55, and Hamakawa.

      Tapas: Hot places include AOC, Opus, Cobras & Matadors.

      Ice Cream: Mashti Malone's, Fosselman's

      Bakery: This is a hotly debated one -- includes Auntie Em's, Yummy Cupcakes, Susina, Boule.

      Bars: It depends on what sort of scene. For a good happy hour with people with lots of time and money - Nic's Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills. For the younger, hip: Blue on Blue at the Avalon, or Boe at the crescent. For wine: AOC. For piano: Whisper Lounge. For dining alone: Lucques.

      Welcome to LA!

      1. WeHo is nice because it's centrally located to lots of great dining areas! :) Here are some suggestions I'd hit up... :)

        A bit south...

        *Doughboys for Breakfast. They have crazy wonderful breakfasts! YUM!!! Get early because it is very popular

        *AOC for Dinner. It's small plates, if you order carefully and don't overdo it on the wine you can come in WAY below your 75pp... :)

        In WeHo some fun options (I do agree with the Norman's Pig Night rec!!) ...

        * Pinkberry. The new FroYo craze that is hitting the city.;_ylt=A...

        * Famima. 7-11 if it was in Japan. It's not as good as going to Little Tokyo or the SGV, but it'll kill that Bao craving in a pinch! :)

        I'm sure you'll get lots of other great recs from the board! Hope you enjoy your stay! :)


        1. Wow, thanks very much for the great recs you guys, hopefully ill get my pal to take me around to some of these places. I really appreciate the responses!