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Sep 15, 2006 01:00 AM

Does anybody else not "get" chocolate?

Tell me I'm not crazy, I'm not alone!

My whole life I've wondered if this global (or at least Western) chocolate obsession wasn't maybe a conspiracy to make me feel like the ultimate outsider?

I've just never really liked chocolate that much. It's not that I dislike it - the taste is fine, sometimes I'll order a hot chocolate, I'll bake chocolate chip cookies, etc.

But I've never experienced a craving for it, I don't find the flavour interesting, I've never voluntarily ordered a chocolate dessert. I feel totally out of place when a bunch of women will start rhapsodizing over chocolate and foaming at the mouth.

(I -do- have a sweet tooth, but it's for tangy sweets or nutty sweets.)

Do you think it's a peer pressure thing, that women simply feel that it's somehow "feminine" to be really into chocolate, or do I really lack whatever gland it is that controls chocolate obsession?


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  1. I am a chocolate fan, but only of dark chocolate. I can totally understand that you don't find most chocolate desserts amazing and thus don't have a craving for them. A lot of chocolate is insipid. But, have you tried to eat just a square or two or really fine dark chocolate, like Valrhona or Michel Cluizel? I am totally with you on the tangy/nutty dessert thing. I don't like overly sweet desserts and I think sweets have to have an acid or bitter component to be satisfying. But, a really good piece of chocolate can hit the spot, because it does have a complex flavor, with components of acid, sweet, fruity, earthy. I know I'm not really answering your question, but I'm wondering if you have also experimented with more complex chocolate flavors.

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      Sadly, when I do eat chocolate I prefer the mass-produced Cadbury's/Hershey's variety, so it's obviously not a matter of being sophisticated! I never really thought about it before but now I see what you mean about the acid in high-cocoa chocolate - you never think about chocolate as being sour but come to think of it, often dark chocolate is more immediately sour than bitter.

    2. You're not alone...but then I am a guy. I don't dislike chocolate at all. If it's served or available I'll happily eat it and like it. I prefer dark chocolate but I don't crave it or seek it. I do like See's Candy chocolates but I only buy them occasionally (3x a year, maybe $3 bucks) or eat then during the holiday. Even then I know I like the sugar and butter as much as the chocolate.

      Any way, the only things I can think of are:

      1) target marketing in that luxo, indulgent, special occasions sort of way, sort of like champange or diamonds

      2) chemical reaction - for some it's caffiene, sugar or what not, others it's chocolate

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        It is the theobromine in chocolate that really gets the endorphins going and produces the feel good reaction. I have a square or two of 70%-82% dark chocolate every afternoon. I started eating a bit when I was on pain medication this spring. It really helped me to feel better while waiting for the meds to kick in. I can make a good rich bar last for over a week.

      2. I don't "get" chocolate either. I can happily eat a cookie or a piece of a chocolate dessert but I certainly don't crave it. I much prefer fruit desserts, anything with pastry, to rich chocolate confections.

        1. I think it's all of the above. I think peer pressure is a big deal, but I'm one of the insiders I suppose, because I find chocolate to be very satisfying. The best explanation is that it's got a little of everything. A little sweetness, a little bitter, a little roast, warm flavor with a cooling sensation in that it melts right around body tempurature. Oh, and I'm a guy.

          1. I have zero craving for chocolate. I buy zero chocolate bars per year.. it simply does not occur to me. I do like high quality chocolates (belgian chocs in a box) - but only have them rarely.

            ... but cheese, now that's another matter... salivate, slobber....