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Japanese fast-food on the westside?

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can anyone recommend a good japanese fast-food place on the westside where i can get chicken katsu or teriyaki with WHITE meat?

every place i go to usually has gristley, fatty, dark pieces which are not so good.

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  1. head out to new japan on the NE corner of sawtelle and santa monica.

    1. There is a place at the corner of Motor Ave. and National that that says Japanese fast food. Awa something? Clueless about the menu.

      1. famima! on 3rd st.

        1. i've been to new japan and i wasn't too impressed, but i do like that they are open late.
          as far as famima is concerned, i should have mentioned that i am looking for a place with tables, but i will give it a try sometime.

          any other suggestions??

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            I don't think they have katsu on their menu, but Saks in Westwood has a great terriyaki! There is dark meat and white meat options. Saks brings back such fond memories at UCLA as a student when you're poor and hungry!