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Sep 15, 2006 12:59 AM

Japanese fast-food on the westside?

can anyone recommend a good japanese fast-food place on the westside where i can get chicken katsu or teriyaki with WHITE meat?

every place i go to usually has gristley, fatty, dark pieces which are not so good.

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  1. head out to new japan on the NE corner of sawtelle and santa monica.

    1. There is a place at the corner of Motor Ave. and National that that says Japanese fast food. Awa something? Clueless about the menu.

        1. i've been to new japan and i wasn't too impressed, but i do like that they are open late.
          as far as famima is concerned, i should have mentioned that i am looking for a place with tables, but i will give it a try sometime.

          any other suggestions??

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            I don't think they have katsu on their menu, but Saks in Westwood has a great terriyaki! There is dark meat and white meat options. Saks brings back such fond memories at UCLA as a student when you're poor and hungry!