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Sep 15, 2006 12:55 AM

Pineapple Paranoia

I just started making some pineapple vodka. I cut a pineapple into eighths, split it between two mason jars, filled to cover with vodka, and screwed on the lids. The next day the pineapple was floating and poking out of the vodka, so I topped it off a bit. But now I'm worried that maybe some of it is sticking out and will rot.

Should I stick the jars in the fridge? Or is there some way to weigh the pineapple down? I can't afford to start over, so I need this to work!


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  1. Fill the jars to the top to prevent oxidation.

    1. weighing the pinapple down is one option. just place a small saucer or some other heavy object that won't float. i wouldn't worry much about rotting- alchohol fumes and osmosis should prevent that. putting it in the fridge won't hurt it though- although it *might* slow the infusion down a little.

      1. The jars were filled as far up as possible, but this one piece of pineapple just insisted on floating. I stuck a toothpick into it and wedged it under the "shoulder" of the jar. That seems to have done the trick. I kind of want to stick them in the fridge just to be safe, but waiting five weeks is going to be hard enough... I'm not sure that I can wait longer than that!

        Thanks for the suggestions.

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          I've done it in the fridge for about a month, and it was plenty flavorful at that point. The pineapple itself had lost all flavor, so I know it was all in the vodka. No need to keep it in longer just because you have it in the fridge.

          Having said that, your floaty piece doesn't sound dangerous at all. I wouldn't worry much except to maybe shake the bottle evey once in awhile to recoat with vodka. I've had cranberries float like that without causing problems.

          1. re: Pei

            That's good to know. I may try to find space for it in the fridge just so I can stop thinking about it.

            What did you do with the pineapple? Since it'll be full of vodka, I don't want to throw it out. I was thinking of slicing it up and freezing it to use as garnish for drinks.

            1. re: maillard

              Hehehe...I'll tell you a story.

              We passed the vodka around as shots, and everyone thought it was so delicious they wanted to try the fruit. The first guy who bit into it said he wanted to kill himself.

              Basically, all the sugar goes into the vodka and all the vodka goes into the fruit. So the pineapple is actually more alcohol than fruit, and it's like chewing on alcohol. Worse than taking a shot, because it doesn't all go down at once. You get to re "enjoy" it with every bite. But it would make a pretty garnish. Just warn people a little (unless you want to trick them...)

              1. re: Pei

                Ha! I bet I could convince some of my friends to try "chewing on alcohol". Thanks for the warning.

        2. I wouldn't worry about rotting fruit since it's soaking in alcohol. Also you want to leave room at the top of the jar to shake it everyonce in a while.