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Sep 15, 2006 12:26 AM

Real Mexican Home-cooking in the East Bay.

My mom's visiting and I want to take her out for some real Homestyle Mexican food comparable of that in Mexico where she lived for 3 years of her life. I'm also looking for a great homestyle mexican place to eat at. C'mon, show me that the Bay Area can compete with LA or San Diego in mexican food.

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  1. ppl will have some good recs. for the fruitvale district in oakland

      1. Huarache Azteca in Fruitvale -- probably mentioned in the threads Robert linked.

        1. Well, it depends on where in the East Bay. I worked in Mexico City a year and as others have said, International Blvd is very similar to the vibe. Ortiz is good and there is a newer, nicer version in Alameda according to the boards.

          The closest I've found to San Diego style is El Tapatio on 23rd in Richmond which has a good molcajete. Very nice goat stew too.

          If you are in that area on a Sunday at about noon, you can get one of the finest churros in the area for dessert from the churro guy who sells in front of the church on MacDonald.

          I wouldn't drive to Vallejo for the food, but I would (did) for the paletas, a great new paleteria and bakery just opened and, IMO, it is worth a ride from anywhere.

          Across the street is a market that has a small restaurant in the back where an order is placed and there are some tables to the side. Probably a little less than you are looking for, but I was impressed with my one little forray there and worth a stop if going to the paleta place.

          There are a lot of markets, some restaurants & delis, but I still haven't really found any place really like Mexico City where, for example, you could get a plate of rice an egg on top of it. Actualy, though the food in San Diego is better, nothing like that there either.

          If you need a torta fix

          1. Fruitvale / International Blvd. on a weekend afternoon is as close to Mexico as you're going to get without going there.