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Sep 15, 2006 12:10 AM

Where to find the elusive guanabana on the westside??

My son has been living in Peru for the past two years, and he fell in love with guanabanas. It's a fruit that he swears tastes like Skittles. The Wikipedia also calls it soursop... I've never heard of either. We've asked in a few Hispanic markets in the Culver City/Mar Vista area with no luck. Does anyone know where we can find the elusive guanabana??

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  1. Oh!! Guanabana... YUM!! Yes, it is hard to find, even on the East Side. Last spring however, I did spot them at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. So you might want to ask one of the more 'senior' fruit vendors at your local market and see if they know of a supplier...

    Also, sometimes you CAN find it frozen, especially at stores who cater to central americans. It's not as good as fresh, but it does make good liquados and would be an EXCELLEN base for a Guanabana ice cream... which to me is like HEAVEN...


    1. They have it frozen at Camaguey Market on Venice Blvd.