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Sep 14, 2006 11:58 PM

How is the buffet at Universal Hilton.

I have guests in town and they want sorta inexpensive seafood and steak. Would this be a good choice? and is it all you can eat?

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  1. What is considered 'inexpensive' for you? The Universal Hilton dinner buffet has a lot of seafood choices (but no real steak) and will cost about $40pp, not including drinks, tax, tip.

    What area are you looking for? Perhaps other Hounds can help you with some other recommendations.

    1. It is all you can eat, there is a lot of seafood -- but there is no steak, and it is quite expensive.

      Still, we love the food there. There is so much - comparably like a Las Vegas seafood buffet. Sunday Champage brunch is the best, imho.

      1. for two people, with NO beverages, it cost a little over $100 to get out of there including tax and tip. just because it is a buffet, you will still want to tip because your table is being constantly cleared of used plates as you return again and again to the buffet.

        as i recall, they have a carving table that serves prime rib and leg of lamb.