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Sep 14, 2006 11:40 PM

Where can I find a suckling pig to cook at home?

The question says it all, and I looked at previous postings. I am hoping that new information has come up in the intervening years.

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  1. A couple of Christmas seasons ago, I saw some (uncooked) suckling pigs at La Gallinita on 24th St. in the Mission. It was probably seasonal as I haven't seen them at other times of the year.

    1. Any good old fashion butcher will be able to get you one if you ask. I'd either go to a Chinese market or to Berkeley Bowl.

      1. S&B Farm in Petaluma, phone 707-763-4793 or email

        have piglets; their sows seem to litter at various times of year so availability will vary, but they're really nice people, helpful and easy to deal with. They don't do the butchering but they have an arrangement with a guy who'll prep your pig for roasting, head and feet on or off, your choice. I'm getting a 25-30 pounder for a caja china pig roast the end of this month.