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Big Niman Ham Steak -- Ideas for Tonight??

I got a big Niman ham steak last night at Trader Joes. I go there so seldom that I usually turn into a frenzied "I NEED THAT!" shopper. I tell myself I'm going for the Stoned Wheat Thins (a valid reason since they're so great) and end up buying out the place.

Anyway, aside from scalloped spuds and ham (Mom's recipe and very good) does anybody have any ideas besides sandwiches or ham and eggs?

Anybody know of a ham pasta?

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    1. I always use holiday ham leftovers in this Galician soup recipe. Basically, cubed ham (even better with bacon knuckles or a ham bone), diced onions, cloves, thyme, bay leaf and water at low boil for about 1 to 1.5 hours (shorter if you throw in a beef boullion), then add cannellini beans and chopped collard greens, then simmer until the greens are tender and the soup is thickened.

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          I made a soup ala cookbean's suggestion. Had no greens but some Italian parsley. Used thyme, bay leaves, chicken broth, lots of onions, some carrots and the ham. It was wonderful. My husband loved it (he's the ultimate soup lover (sort of a soup nazi sympathizer).

          I also toasted some Acme bread slices brushed with olive oil and mashed garlic and sprinkled with really good Parm cheese I got at Costco. Even at Costco this stuff was pricy!

          Thanks again.

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            I'm glad it even passed the huband test! Good thinking with the bread, too - I put some homemade croutons on top last time and it gave the soup a nice crunch. Happy eating!

        2. I bought a Niman Ranch Ham Steak a few months ago and was horrified- it was pressed ham pieces with lots of grisle. It was one of the worst things I have ever eaten . I hope you have better luck.

          1. Pasta with ham...

            Make a white cream sauce... add strips of ham, peas, and chunks of fresh tomato... add over penne and enjoy!

            1. I watched Michael Chiarello make minestrone with pancetta today and thought it would be good made with Niman ham (which I also love as grilled sand with gruyere & tomato or cold with rye, mayo, mustard, and lettuce)
              Saute'- sliced carrots, celery, garlic, onion, ham chunks.
              Add chunked spuds, rosemary, zuchini, canned white beans, 6 cups broth, pepper.
              Right before serving add cooked pasta (don't store soup with pasta in it = mushiness)
              Add fresh parm before serving when soup is not boiling hot.
              Garlic bread

              1. Probably a bit late, but here is what I do with those ham steaks:
                2 TB dijon mustard
                2 TB apricot jam
                1 tsp hot sauce (crystal/tabasco)

                Spread over the top of the ham steak, stick under the broiler

                From Jaques Pepin Fast Food My Way.

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                  I bought a bone-in ham steak last night and THOUGHT they were fully cooked. However, the package says cook thoroughly. Hmmmm Looks cooked (cured) to me. Anyway, I don't care for grilled or fried ham. Can this be cooked in the oven with a sauce/glaze and should I cover it? Thanks, folks. :)

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                    Glazing is excellent. Try ginger, soy and maple syrup for an incredible sweet/salty combo. You can start to heat it covered, then end with the broiler to caramelize it.