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Sep 14, 2006 11:19 PM

What A Rip-Off

I bought a box of "Nonni's" biscotti the other day. The front of the box has a clear plastic window, showing the biscotti nestled inside.

So when I open it, I see that the plastic tray has a lip of about an inch and a half. The biscotti are inside the tray and, due to the lip, appear to be more numerous than they actually are. Looking at the outside, one is led to believe the there is an extra row of biscotti inside....noooooooooo, the space is taken up by the plastic lip. Sleeeeeeeaaaaazy, or, as they say in Bari "sleeeaazissimo"

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  1. Just one of a myriad of examples - I almost don't mind the ripoff, not nearly as much as I mind the feeling of "how stupid do they think I am?" - and, of course, the answer (if I actually buy the item) is "just about exactly this stupid."

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      Not so stupid the first time. The next time at least you'll make an informed decision.

      1. re: yayadave

        Well, by law, it will give you the weight of the contents and often the "net weight," so you should be able to tell how much is in a box. And if it bothers you that much, write to them and tell them how dissapointed you were, that you felt cheated, and that, no matter how good their biscotti is, you won't be buying it again!

        I bet they'll make ammends.


    2. Yes - I noticed this a few weeks ago, the biscotti used to be bigger too. I was not a happy camper.

      1. Not only is it a sneaky trick, but also a waste of packaging! it chaps my hide too... grrr....

        As Grandpa Simpson would say, time to write a letter...


        1. Costco sells Nonni's Biscotti in bulk. It comes in a neat reusable (perfect for saving pennies) clear container. I think there's about 26 or 28 biscotti for $9.99.

          1. Lol, I'll bet the Costco package looks as if it holds 30 or 32 biscotti!

            Btw, the biscotti are not that great. Not hard enough.