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Sep 14, 2006 11:11 PM

Corn Tortillas - masa-based replaced by corn flour-based

Interesting article in today's Daily Grist:

How Mexico's iconic flatbread went industrial and lost its flavor

"The classic Mexican tortilla -- a triumph of toasty corn flavor made in small shops from fresh, local ingredients -- is now an endangered species in many parts of the country. Thanks to political corruption and crony-inflected neoliberalism, it's largely been replaced with bland-tasting tortillas made from processed, rehydrated corn flour, if not dumped entirely in favor of even blander white bread. Tom Philpott traces this story of political intrigue and culinary travesty."

Full article at:

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  1. That's really sad,but so true of much of mexican life and always the working class and poor suffer.

    1. Yeah, Maseca's product has cause mills to close throughout latin america actually. :/ I saw a sad documentary about it (Mill workers in Nicaragua loosing their jobs and having to travel north). However, I think the Masa Flour tortillas are more common here in the US because they just don't know any better. I am happy to report that as of last year, the old skool tortereria near our home in Merida is still churing out those tissue thin, roasty toasty, teacup saucer sized tortillas I miss SOOOO much....


      1. I feel lucky as I can get a couple of different brands of artisanal Mexican tortillas made across the border in San Luis R.C., Sonora. But I do run into more and more of the smoother, more processed style in local restaurants, even ones with a largely Mexican or Mexican American clientele.

        Thanks for linking the article.


        1. I saw no sign of this alleged trend during the ten days I spent in Guadalajara in July.