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Sep 14, 2006 10:43 PM


Saw an ad for a new restaurant called Lantana Steak House. Does anyone know anything about it?

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    1. Thanks for the review, really sounds promising. I never order a steak in a restaurant, but by the reviewers comments, many other things sound interesting. Having become disillusioned with Slates, this might be our next try.

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        1. Lantana is a beautiful restaurant in a great location. If Tahoe Joes is your idea of fine dining you will undoubtedly be impressed. If you have dined at The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, Michael Mina, or Gary Danko in San Francisco it will come up WAY short.
          Food: The best way to test a restaurant is to order an array of appetizers. We had the following:
          Seared Ahi- good
          Lobster crab cakes- overcooked
          Comprese Salad- good
          Mussels- lacked flavor and too small
          Quail- overcooked
          Banana souffle - good but only 4 spoonfuls
          Wine: Decent selection, however, if you have your own cellar, you will not be impressed. Corkage Fee $25.00
          We Brought a 1997 Chappellet Prichard Hill Cab. We asked that the sommelier decant the wine.
          The waiter whisked it away and returned it in a decanter. The Sommelier never greeted us or poured any wine. The waiter poured one glass, then we where on our own. Stem ware was Libby grand vin.
          (Sturdy glass ware but inappropriate when they charge $25.00 corkage).
          Water tasted of chorine had to buy bottled at $8.00 per bottle.
          Wait staff: Friendly college kids that needed way more training. I was always asking for replacement forks and knifes during course changes.
          The layout and design of the restaurant was delightful, but the table was tiny and could not accommodate the place settings once the food and wine was served. Better bets in Fresno include Max’s Bistro and Campagnia.

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            Cabfrancair is spot on with his review of Lantana. I went a few months back and had appetizers as well. The restaurant is very beautiful but everything falls quickly from there. I have heard only negatives from anyone who has been. I hate to see people fail but it looks like Lantana will go the way of Echo if they don't make some changes very soon.