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Sep 14, 2006 10:27 PM

saffron risotto and wine pairing?

I will be hosting my mom and her husband for dinner on Saturday and planning my menu. For my main course, a corn and saffron risotto-any suggestions as to the appropriate wine? I was thinking of a red or white along the lines of a chateneauf du pape style. Am I way off base?

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  1. yeah. the chateuneuf du pape would overwhelm the saffron, i'd say. personally, i'd go with a gewurtztramminer. i'd also repost your question on the wine board.

    1. I myself would probably go for a dryer white like a pinot grigio, since corn is sweet... but when it comes to wine, I'm an idiot, so add an extra grain of salt.

      1. I'd go with an off-dry Riesling, but I'm no expert.

        1. If you are going to have red and white wines, for the reds choose a lighter style, some of the spanish inexpensive table wines (Protocolo would be a nice choice if you could find it) would be great or go to the oddball CA section (look at the Boony Doon website, their are great wines there) and look at blends. Syrah or Pinot Noir would do well.

          For whites, a dry or sweet riesling would work, a sweeter wine would be lovely. If you like sparkling wine, that would be great with it. If you are ever in doubt, pinot grigio is always food friendly.

          A good pick for riesling is St Urbans-hof, it is a tall black bottle in the German riesling section.