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Sep 14, 2006 10:27 PM

Kokopellis Reno Sushi *NOT CLOSED* (Hurray)

In a fright last night, I e-mailed Circus Circus to confirm if they closed their sushi wife and I love the AYCE lunch there.

Their response is below:
Dear Chris, Roberta and Allie,

Kokopelli’s Sushi Bar is STILL OPEN and we have no plans whatsoever to close it. Someone may have got mixed up that our Art Gecko’s Restaurant did close awhile ago and in its place now is Bonici Brothers Pizzeria. But Kokopelli’s is still going strong.

Thank you for your email and I’m glad I could give you the good news.

Best regards,
Louise Walter
Food & Beverage Department
Circus Circus Reno

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  1. I was about to post that I wondered when I made the post if maybe only the Gecko's part was closed. I didn't actually GO there but just had a conversation with someone who worked there. The two restaurants were adjacent so when he said the place had closed I assumed them both. My bad, sorry.

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    1. re: janetofreno

      No worries Janet...I always appreciate your Reno scoop...not trying to be a weenie, just wanted to prevent other Hounds from freaking out like I did.
      Thanks for all the good Reno gouge!

      1. re: Squirrelpaws

        Thank you Squirrelpaws I was in deep shock and depression in losing my favorite sushi stop in Reno. I am really glad it is still there. Will be back soon to enjoy the sushi.