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Banana Dishes

Hi everyone,
I'm on a mission to find Toronto's best banana dishes.
They can be desserts, breakfasts or main courses type of foods. I'm trying to find dishes from all different cultures so if you have any suggestions, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks so much for all your help!

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  1. During recent a birthday dinner, I enjoyed some delicious deep fried bannas (with a scoop of ice cream on the side) at Thai Cashew, located on Kingston Road, east of Brimley on the south side. Yummy!

    1. The rum-fried bananas at Golden Thai. Battered, deep fried bananas covered in a decadent butter rum sauce. Yum.

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        I second the fried bananas in rum butter caramel sauce. Unbelievably good...

      2. I have heard that Xacutti has a great Banana Brulee French Toast on their breakfast menu.

        1. Thanks a lot! Anyone have any banana dishes suggestions that are not desserts but main courses? I heard that perhaps Jamacians and South-east Asians eat them as a main... anyone know for sure?

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            Niche, a newish coffee place at Danforth and Greenwood, has a Nutella sandwich on banana bread. Definite slurpage.

            If that's not a main course, I don't know what is.

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              On the weekend, they also do a yummy french toast with sauteed banana for a main course brunch

          2. yes and no. Jamaican cuisine does use plaintains but usually when thay are ripe as a pie filling or just pan fried or green to make chips. I think they are boiled too sometimes, but i have not seen this. Oh I forgot to mention, green bananas are also fried whole and then squashed and fried again (kind of like tostones-but not cut into rounds)

            1. Most chinese restos offer fried bananas with ice cream. Most west indian restos offer plantain which is so yummy.

              I have also seen banana shakes in Vietnamese restos.

              1. What about the banana bread pudding at Tundra? It's the best thing I had there.

                1. La Paesa (SP?)

                  They maker one of the best Fried Plantains around.

                  located on st. clair near christie.

                  I havent found a URL for them so if anyone know what it is it would be appreciated.